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  1. Thanks guys, I went ahead and purchased S.A. 10% and Sulphur cream. I'll update on their effectiveness after I use them. BTW, have you guys encountered a cyst like mine though? doesnt hurt, but re-fills with white puss that can be squeezed out, and persisted for almost 8 months?
  2. Thanks guys for the replies. I have found that the redness caused by the laser has made my scarring worse than they look, 10 weeks after i had done the Re:pair. I'm a bit worried about the hypopigmentation persists longer, they are the worst after I go out for a run or exercise.... Any Re:pair veterans care to share their experience with the redness post-laser? I've decided to wait 2 more months and go with 2nd Re:Pair. Hopefully i can achieve better results the 2nd time around.
  3. Hi all, I am a lingering cyst on my right cheek for almost 6 months now. Long story short, I have acne scarring which I decided i should opt for subcison on. However, after the procedure there was a dark bump in an area where the doctor performed subcision. Weeks later this bump got inflamed and a whole cyst formed and popped. After that, I've been left with a small cyst filled with white puss that can be squeezed out but everytime I do that it comes back with the same white puss filled zit
  4. 2 pictures showing my problem area as of today. the boxed region shows my temple where i received fraxel repair 9 weeks ago.
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    waiting........ for them to go away.......
  6. Dear all, I had fraxel repair 9 weeks ago to improve my boxscars on temples. After the treatment, from 3rd to 6th week, i was having worse skin texture than before so i was frightened I was one of those fraxel repair burnt victims. However, i'm on the 9th week my texture do seem to have recovered so i hope the healing continues. as for the redness, its fading but still noticeably red, and my skintone is horrible. the scarring? While the aggressive fraxel repair laser did change my sc
  7. anyone done fraxel in toronto here? theres only 2 doctors that do it and i was wondering which one to choose
  8. anyone recomment the ombrelle sunscreen from loreal? i heard its the best sunscreen out there
  9. hey guys i just did a TCA 12.5% peel and was wondering what sunscreen should i get? is higher the SPF the better the protection? im deciding between spf 30 and spf 45
  10. can anyone give me some tips for how to avoid the sun after a TCA peel? Ive read somewhere in this forum that any sun exposure will adverse the effects of a TCA peel meaning that evening sunblocks dont even help.. is that true?? how can i cope with not going out in the sun?
  11. here is what i did - never go to a bright area, i had one class where the fucking teacher always leaves the blinds open so the room is constantly bright. I always tried to skip that class - obsessing about sleeping time cuz not sleeping enough makes my face look awful the next morning - secretly going to bathroom to wipe the oils off my greasy face between breaks - avoiding to hang out and make excuses like having assignments to do when i get a zit - constantly coming to this board and learn
  12. my routine after the peel is the same as it was b4. cleansing in the morning and b4 sleep and thats it. I didnt use any acne products other than face wash for over a year.
  13. can i do a 12.5% tca peel spaced 2 weeks apart? I didnt really get much peeling the first time.. btw, i thot tca would slow down my oil production but its not stopping much after my first peel