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  1. been using it for 3 weeks. no improvement at all. i dont know but i think all those talk about msm improving scars are bull... i remember reading about a person who used msm lotion and her pitted scars improve a lot after using it for one month. but in my case, i see no improvement at all, for the pits and hyperpigmentation :(
  2. i totally understand what u meant. i really wish to turn back time too. now i hardly have any close friends because i keep avoiding them. and like u, i pray every day hoping to wake up to see a miracle. now ive stop praying. i just dont care about god anymore. praying disappoints me further because i have hopes and faith but in the end i still have scars. i sleep for extremely long hours because i dont want to wake up and face the day.
  3. ive made some scars worse and some better through needling. i dont know what i did wrong with the scars that became worse. i was using the same type of lancet and technique. sigh.
  4. that looks like pigmentation. i think u need hydroquinone or ipl treatments. ask the doc.
  5. i tried retin A cream before but stop it after knowing that it contains lots of pore clogging ingredients. i dont want to use retin a gel as it contains alcohol. will differin gel clog pores?
  6. i apparently only experience frosting on my one month old indented scar. it's like a layer of white tissue form on the skin. at my place, i can easily find acv in local pharmacies and supermarkets. just ask the sales person. take vitamin c in pill form. the traditional method is to drink lemon juice but most people find that too cumbersome hence they replace it with vitamin c.
  7. when i apply acv on a scar, bubbles are formed and the scar became red the next day. how many days do u wait before resuming the acv method?thanks
  8. y do u stop applying after 2 weeks? and, would it be better if i apply olay regenerist serum or vaseline after treating the scars with acv?
  9. ciro, are ur scars indented???u mean retin-a improves indented scars??? is pro retinol a and retin-a the same?