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  1. you have to put lotion on every day and only shower once and i would get some rash cream for it like cortazone thats what i did
  2. i was almost like she did nt get a kiss lol but you did so that was good for you but remember ppl just kiss for fun so dont get to much hope for a guy that might hurt you
  3. i stoped being one at 16 i could nt live with out sex i felt like a loser that it took me till 16 to have sex cuz every one in my famly had allready done it at like 15 so i was the laast one to do it im 17 now :]
  4. yeah yeah i use to no how alll you guys felt i felt hope less when i had acne i never thought that id have to turn girls down but you no what i just stayed hopefull and said this can get better it will get better and that i just need to wait it out which i did so i started working out in my time which really helped i think and that i just felt better about my self cuz now girls just tell me that they love my confidence now so it clearly was just that not looks you just got to try to cure your ac
  5. my life is so much better after accutane i have to fight the girls off :] ! i never thought i would have to do that ever and i just got a new girl friend this week :] so im pretty happy right now i hope all of you guys get clear skin and your lifes get 1000 times better like mine did i wish you all the best of luck on improving your lifes !! :]
  6. you really dont have 30mgs packs lol thats all i had what brand do you have i went back and forth with sortet and claveris idk how to spell them lol haha tea time england ppl do funny things i have english blood :]
  7. huh idk thats strange that it never went away after 4 times of doing it it dose nt even sound possible but try acne facials and tanning thats what i did before accutane and it worked really well
  8. just go with tho flow do what america says to do lol and follow all trends but what i am wondering how can you still be a vergin acne really dose nt stop you from haveing sex i had sex when i was 16 you just need to break out of that shell :] just go to a bar you can find some hoes its easy just dont to picky :]
  9. i took vitamin e with it and it did nt do anything for me it did nt help my dryness or anything just be sure to put lotion on every time after your shower you miss a day and a week later you get a strange rash thing or atleast thats what would happen to me just get a 24 hour lotion and only take one shower a day 2 is over kill
  10. Dont be afriad and stop because that guy said its a cancer drug lol maybe it is but who cares just take it if you want to :] when i was on it for 6 months i never had i IB and if you do get one dont worry its justs the last time your face will will ever have acne again the best moisturizer to get is aveno ultra calming night cream get that its like 14 bucks and get dr dans corti balm for your lips and for a face wash i used nothing while i was taken accutane o and jojoba oil sucks it just give
  11. dude most of the time i would nt eat anything and just take it and it still worked fine for me so its ok to not take it with a meal sometimes if you dont feel like eating
  12. that's weird that you take three a day instead of two 30 mg pills that what i had my derm allways told me it did nt matter and that you could take all three in the morning if you wanted i would take ether two in the morning or just one when i wake up and one when i go to bed i think one day i took 4 in one day
  13. wow i feel so bad for you guys that you have to pay so much for accutane my dads a cop so idk what kind of health insurance they give them but my accutane only cost me 25 bucks for the whole 6 months it was only 5 dollars for the pills every time and i think my derm visits were free
  14. i was afraid of that too but you no what i got dry skin chapped lips a red face dry eyes and i had hair loss and my back hurt but it all went away so just because you get thos dose nt mean they stay cuz im living proof :] when i got all thos i was just like dam this sucks but i never tryed to tell ppl its poison and that the guys who made accutane are evil criminals they warn you that a very small unlucky group of ppl can get the side effects they never made this pill wanting to ruin your life t
  15. ok first of all i hate trying to do that im in a cummunity college to and its like impossible to talk to the other ppl in the class on most class's but i allways just say like hey whats up or talk about how gay the class is just be like dam is nt that mid term going to be hard how do you think your going to do on it umm did you hear what you just said why would you not want to talk to hot girl lol
  16. well im not going to lie to you dude you have probably lost your chance because you have waited so long but i would still say go for it asap and next time you like some one talk to them as fast as you can :]
  17. well first of all its only day 7 haha i would nt think much would go on in that short of time i never had a IB but i had acne facials right before i went on accutane wich is probably why i did nt get a IB so if your that worryed about it maybe get one of thos they work really well but o man do they hurt hahah
  18. LMAO why do that to your face your guys derms must be strict at giveing it away when i got mine i just went to my derm one day and i was like iv heard about this accutane stuff dose it really work as good as they clam my derm says "yeah it works really good cures every ones acne want to try it" i was like ok i gusse lol true story
  19. your moms a bitch tell her she is a jerk and that she should nt call her own kid ugly cuz your not :]
  20. why would you be afraid of us were not scary just becuase we look good dose nt mean we are all mean jerks maybe the girl was looking at you cuz she thought you were cute :] i dont think she was going ewwww she was probably thinking you looked cute or maybe she was just looking dont feel afraid of it you need to be able to look ppl in the eyes in life
  21. you should be fine i dont think it will hurt anything it will just drag on your treatment for another 2 weeks i once skiped it for like a week and i was fine
  22. ooo hahah well idk i dont remember, you just looked like some one i remember seeing on here a while ago