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  1. What laser treatment are you having? I did the Cool Touch Laser for my scarring and it did wonders. It took 4 different treatments, though. The redness was minimal (24 hours) and all I had to do was put cream on my face. There was only one time where I had to use an ice pack on my forehead because it was so red. Again, nothing more than 24 hours. I saw some results within a few days but it took a few weeks after my 4th treatment for full results. I know there are some laser treatments that hav
  2. Light therapy has been the only thing besides peels that have worked for me. I think it is worth a try if nothing has else worked. I also ditto that home lamps are a good option. They are wonderful. Good luck!
  3. Have they gone away yet or at least gotten a little better? I hope so! Call her and setup another date. I doubt she will care!!!
  4. I am sorry. Have you considered joining a different congregation? Maybe that would be more helpful. At least you have this board! We all understand.
  5. Tight socks or shoes. I hate not being able to move my toes. It freaks me out...
  6. Great post!!! Everything you said is very true. I look back on my earlier teenage years and realize I let my acne control my life. It is hard when you have a hard time facing yourself in the mirror to go out and do things, but you will never get that time back. Thanks for the uplifting message.
  7. Uhhh??? Crazy! I cannot believe the guy is blaming accutane for his actions. He took it for 2 days and then years later went to kill the doctor that prescribed it to him? Duh.
  8. So sorry you are having such a difficult time. I think the idea of talking to someone in your church is a good one. Maybe they will be able to give you a more positive outlook? Hope you feel better soon.
  9. "No offense, but your face looks awful." (You don't think I know?) Conversation with a friend; "I have been lucky enough that few people have ever treated me differently because of my acne." "Well it is probably because you have the personality for it." How do I have the personality for acne???