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  1. so, here's my background. i'm 16 with mild inflammatory acne, but TONS of blackheads/closed comedones. i've been trying to stick with my green cream, but it just dries me out so much, and i can't use it if i don't have proper moisturizer/cleanser. therefore, i'm breaking out. i'm looking for a gentle, moisturizing cleanser that ISN'T purpose or cetaphil and that won't break me out. i've been using a SA cleanser or a gently lathering green tea and shea cleanser and my face still feels so dry. i
  2. I know the oil cleansing methd has helped a lot of people as far as blackheads go. I have a TON of them as well as closed comedones (lucky me), and really the only thing to do for the super super deep ones is to extract them (go for a series of facials at a spa that specializes in acne/extractions) and then maintain with glycolic/mandelic/lactic/etc. acid. A series of facials will cost you a pretty penny (I personally going in for a series of 4 between now and mid august) but I think it's bett
  3. Instead of picking off the flakes, try exfoliating with a gentle scrub or gentle exfoliating enzyme mask, or like the above poster mentioned, with a very soft bristled baby hairbrush.
  4. I really suggest backing off of any acids, prescriptions, retinols, etc, until your skin heals up. Try getting an organic or all natural cleanser and heavy duty moisturizer, simply because a lot of products on the market are very irritating with the amount of additives they contain. Try a natural or non-irritating moisture mask a few times a week, and apply aloe vera. (either from the plant or one from a health food store that doesn't contain many additives.) I really hate to keep on preaching
  5. Well, I am about to order "Suki Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser", it's supposed to be great stuff and is all natural; I'm not positive if it's organic though. I've also heard great things about Eminence Organics and their "Mineral Cleasing Concentrate." All of Eminence's products are 100% organic. Suki Cleanser Eminence Cleanser, scroll down!
  6. Did you find that following your holistic diet, fasts, supplements, etc. cleared any closed comedones (white bumps) and blackheads, or did it only help with inflammatory acne? My main problem is comedonal acne. I never had much in the way of inflammatory, probably a mild case. Unfortunately, I have tons of closed comedones, blackheads, large pores, and just clogged pores in general. Lucky me. I'm 15, so currently a lot of it is hormonal. I know DIM is supposed to help with hormonal acne, but
  7. Hmm.. it seems really similar to this gel exfoliator i use called NuPeel.
  8. Not at all. Aloe vera is not an irritant nor is it comedogenic in its natural state. I've tried scooping it from a plant in my father's backyard, and I had issues with applying it to my face because of the consistency, but I never got breakouts from it! You might be interested in this: A list of irritants and comedogenic ingredients I would take this list with a grain of salt though, it's pretty basic and doesn't go into too much detail.