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  1. I love it! I got a bronzer puff jar as a free sample with my last order, and I'm addicted! I have really light skin too, but it seems to work nicely at blending itself out and not looking too harsh :) My only concern is that I can't wash the applicator puff thing :(
  2. Wow thanks for all the info guys. Maybe I do have a soy allergy. Which would suck! I love it so much >.<;; I guess I'll see if I can get a test to check that out and make sure. Yah I used to drink rice milk in Canada, but I can't find it here in Japan. I'm pretty sure they don't have it here, my boyfriend seemed to think it was crazy idea, lol. I'm going back to Canada next month and I'll be trying that again though AutonomousOne --> Yah I know it sounds weird! lol But I really do mis
  3. AltaPGT ---> Just stuff that is obviously made of soy for now: Soy milk, tofu... I'm not being too picky at the moment. Still in the trial stage to figure out if the soy was my problem or not But I'm pretty sure it is now, so I'll probably attempt to cut it out all together. See if that clears it up completely. jksl ---> Flax? Wow never even thought of that. Thanks for the warning, I'll lay off that too! lenpopz ---> About 2 months ago! Before that I was eating them everyday...
  4. Ok so maybe not NO acne... but barely any!! I stopped eating all soy products, it's been about 2 months now. I was drinking soymilk everyday, and eating tofu a few times a week. I miss them alot, but my skin has totally cleared up!!!! I only get about one or two pimples a week now. I used to have atleast 3 or 4 new ones a day. So, for anyone that eats or drinks lots of soy products, I would totally reccommend giving this a shot. This is the only thing I have changed!! So I'm really convinced
  5. Thanks for the info guys! I'm gonna lay off the soy milk for a while and see if anything happens ps - Yah I teach English in Japan, but I'm thinking about going home to Canada cause my skin is so bad right now and I really want to go see a derm
  6. A few months ago I gave up dairy, and switched to soy milk. My skin hasn't cleared up at all. My Dad is convinced that the soy milk is the problem, and I should stop drinking it for a while. Apparently he read lots of articles about people whose skin had gotten worse from drinking soy milk. But I have seen so many that say switching to soy milk cleared them up! I'm so confused... What do you guys think?
  7. Yah everyone here is so beautiful >.< It makes me really depressed sometimes. I get my Mom to send me vitamins from Canada. I'm taking so many right now, but my skin is clearing up!

  8. Hi! I am in japan too, in osaka and working for an english school. I find it hard here to deal with acne cos all the girls here are so beautiful and/or know how to wear makeup really well to cover it up. What brand of vitamins do you use? Do you get them here in japan? I saw your pics and I think you are so cute, don`t worry about your skin too much. p.s. your bf is cute too, I have a japanese

  9. Shaara

    Shaara and friends♪

    Just some pics of me and my friends! :D
  10. Noticed you lived in Japan too :) I'm up north in Iwate, teaching English. What are you up to here?

  11. The supplements I have been taking for a few months have almost cleared my skin. I went from having about 20-25 pimples to 1-3!! Here's a list of what I'm taking (it's a lot >.<) Zinc 30mg Vit. C Pro-Biotic Multi Vit. L-Trepein Indole-3 and I drink: Chlorophyll 1/2tsp in water Liver cleansing tea
  12. Video games! DDR! I miss DDR, they don't have it here in Japan. Yah, I know.. like... wtf???
  13. Yah I think it would look good! You should also dye your hair dark
  14. omg that is so lame!!! I've never heard of anyone thinking acne was contagious before... >.< ahhh that would piss me off so much.
  15. Thank you for the responses I've just tried so many products, and they all seem to dry out my skin and not make my acne any better at all. So I'm not really into trying any more creams or anything I'm taking lots of supplements right now, and drinking some liver cleansing tea. Also trying to improve my diet. I guess this is all I can do for now! Well all that I can think of anyways.