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  1. sooo things are good since my last rant on here...have not been on here for a while but...still breakout free since june 08....evrything else is good... now that i am acne free i have realized that i never notice anyones skin problems at all and that i probably just grew out of it. im just using a basic cleanser now nothing harsh and have stopped the sensiclear for months now...which sucks because i have crap loads of it left over.... well just bored and checking in keep you heads up and don
  2. i have used both i did not like cetaphil...aveeno calming cleanser is really good
  3. some recent some not all within past few years http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq336/r...148/2wd5y1h.jpg me and the fam http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq336/r...48/flinpic2.jpg me in my monkey suit http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq336/robo8148/kjhgfd.jpg my baby http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq336/r...998c7f18594.jpg me out with the boys http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq336/r...148/poiuytr.jpg the kid again http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq336/robo8148/xd5pvq.jpg me
  4. still fighting this sometimes i wish i still had acne at least there was hope it would go away...........each spot with acne lasted a few days this lasts maybe forever it sucks....plus the support org blows people are dumb.....
  5. dont have any...i never got close to a camera before the op....sorry wish i could be more helpful.....
  6. i dont think the repair caused it but i dont think the sun helped at all.....thanks for the replies im trying to figure something out now....
  7. I'm very interested in where your progress stands...PLEASE let us know soon, thanks i have new topic look on profile
  8. well thanx for the words i just got so tired dealing with acne it took all my strength....im too tired to start a new one............
  9. Well many of you might remember me from my fraxel repair thread back in june. I did go missing afterwards and this is why. July- I moved back to florida from north carolina to start life after 4 years in the military. after the repair i had 60-70% results on scarring and had not really broken out in a while. I got here and life fuckin rocked. I was noticing improvement everyday. I had not broken out since I got here. I was hanging out with my old friends going to the beach, going out to all th
  10. sorry ive been mia for updates on my results well just look for my next topic which i will write in a minute
  11. sorry dont have any pics my scarring was rolling and a few ice picks but just looked like texture damage and was not that deep.....still likin my results though....
  12. ok so i am just past a month out from my repair. i dont even notice my scars nor do i breakout anymore....i dont know if it was the repair or the fact i moved to a different state or the fact that i am growing out of it.....i dont shave evryday and i eat anything so who knows. my scar improvement was about 60-70% and getting better. i recomend looking into this procedure......sorry i've been gone but i was on vacation......good luck
  13. Brad to be honest I am on day 7 and I went out of my house on day 6 no problem. I would say it depends on the person and settings used. I am dissappointed in a sense but only because he did not use the highest settings he used a little higher than 3/4 to the highest so almost the highest. I had a month off but that was due to transition between miltary and moving home. I was not scheduled to go home until end of month but now am sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I wish he would have just hit m
  14. I understand that micro swelling happens and I understand the way the swelling could give me false hopes I am not an idiot nor was I born yesterday. It is just annoying that people feel the need to remind me instead of saying something positive....all in all I could give a fuck less either way...I was posting my updates to inform people of the procedure its results and what to expect.... I will continue because there were people that were interested and considering the treatment. as for everyo