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  1. I seen from some forum posts that he charges up to 1700 for a package deal if I’m correct. I guess it isn’t really much considered that’s multiple different type of treatments you’re getting though just like you said I don’t want to have to pay for something that I don’t currently need like the laser that seems to be thrown in the package deal.
  2. Thanks for your response. I really do. I actually live only a few hours away from dr Rullen. I was told he was one of the best as you mentioned, up there with Davin Lim. Unfortunately a can’t go to see him do to the current pandemic, but I heard so many good things about Dr Rullan but I was also told the treatments will be very expensive but then again that’s like most treatments when It comes to acne scarring. Again I’m just looking for a realistic approach here and I understand that
  3. My name is Carlos Frias and I’m convinced that I might have one of the worst case of acne scars.. I see pictures of other people and their acne scar problems but none are as severe as mines. I’ve been dealing with acne scars since high school and it hasn’t gotta better since. I hadn’t had a date and my ex has left me to another state with our daughter (I’m kinda amazed that she stuck with me or even wanted to be with me to begin with. Since then I go through a deep depression al