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  1. I could be missing something, but why cant we fill this void by 100%? At least even 80-90 is big news *sighs* We live in dark age of lasers and creams for stretch marks, lol.
  2. What I love about microcoring is that the procedure is truly innovative. It can be said that this is a new generation of procedures, that replacing lasers. at least i hope so
  3. unfortunately, all info we have about micro coring for treating stretch marks is only one pic. looks not so bad, because procedure is highly iterable
  4. Are there mods in this thread?
  5. I am curious about micro coring. If it really leaves no scar in healthy skin, does it work the same way on scar tissue? I mean, are the pores formed by skin withdrawal able to heal by tightening?
  6. Sounds like some sci-fi... I knew only about 3 injectable gels from interview with Elastagen's ceo Still injectable sounds very confusing to me, because the scar tissue needs to be removed anyway. It turns out that the application of the injactable should be together with some accompanying actions ...
  7. What is the source of this?
  8. do you mean interview an hour long interview with tony weiss?
  9. micro coring extracts columns of tissue, no matter what, healthy or scarred. but these columns are small (0.5 mm diameter), since only in this case it is possible to get rid of scar tissue without forming a new one in the same place. lasers do not extract tissue (the laser rather leaves a burn, which causes the skin to produce collagen and look rejuvenated), this is the main difference and advantage of micro coring. I can’t guarantee that you can get rid of scars, nobody knows this, but micro
  10. micro coring looks like most promising procedure for scars like stretch marks that are not so big and able to be extracted and tighten the skin around. the main question is whether it is possible not only to reduce the amount of scar tissue, but to bring the skin to its initial state. in any case, if it hits the market, then we will at least get a procedure that can significantly reduce scars, of which I am almost completely sure
  11. I decided to share some thoughts. In recent years, more and more companies have appeared that work in the direction of scarless healing. Moreover, they are making progress; twenty years ago there wasn’t much. Today, although far from ideal, it is possible to regenerate epidermis and dermis layers of the skin (according to the data provided by companies like Renovacare, Avita medical and PolarityTE). Even if this data turns out to be a lie - the trend really exists: more and more interest and
  12. I think that in any case scar tissue will have to be removed before
  13. hhhhope sssso Does anyone know how exactly tropoelastin works (i mean mechanism)? I hear about elastagen too often, but I don’t understand what to expect
  14. Some trials of microcoring is currently ongoing http://fdaaa.trialstracker.net/sponsor/cytrellis-biosystems-inc/