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  1. Ginanutrition, that sounds amazing! I am so happy that you're about to start your own personal journey with Accutane. Soon you WILL be the one setting the example for others, for friends and family and for yourself. Never give up hope. I wish you the best! MJR194, I too was afraid to take it because I heard about all of the side effects but I was at the point of my life where the pros outweighed the cons and I took the risk and it just so happened the risk was worth it. I believe that you will f
  2. thank you for all of the wonderful feedback! I truly do believe if one solution can work for me, then there are MANY different solutions out there that can work for everybody and each individual. Sometimes it really is just about trial and error. We are all different and to me, things do happen for a reason. I don't regret anything. And MJR194, I tried Accutane at (correction, 80mg) during my senior year of high school, so around eighteen never give up hope <3
  3. I used to post on this website a lot (veteran member) and about two to three years ago I was the girl who had severe acne. Not just one or two pimples on her face, not just an "oh my god, a zit?!" kind, but I was actually suffering, like many of you out there, from severe acne and severe emotional scars. I battled my way onto numerous of skincare treatments like proactiv, murad, "natural" skin care from local pharmacies. I went through laser's upon my face, suffered endlessly with belittling rem
  4. I'll keep this short and simple. For the last few days I've been trying a new diet which consists of a green tea in the morning and evening, lots of water, veggies, lean meats, fish and fruits. Also I do yoga in the evening. So far so good, my skin not only is less red but feels softer. Also my overall body looks more toned. It could be the green tea increasing my metabolism, combined with the not fatty or fried food and yoga. But it's only been a few days and I'm seeing great results, not only
  5. Well said!! Though I do find it annoying that my friends only ever quiz me on my eating habits when I'm eating well, and then don't bat an eyelid when I eat junk, caus its 'normal' and then as well you get the comments when people ask you if you drink much/smoke weed/whtever and your friends will jump in like, noooo, she is sooooooooooooooooo SUPER healthy! like your some kind of freak... JUST for eating what your body wants you to eat ... Exactly! And it's like..."Well this I'm not
  6. wow thank you guyssss, some inspirational advice you told me! Good luck with all of your diets also Haha, I'm off to run/walk now.
  7. Buy the book: The end of overeating. It's an informative guide that talks about how your cravings aren't entirely YOUR own fault. In fact, companies are incredible at manipulating the human mind making you think you want the food, when in actuality, you can do so much better.
  8. So my situation goes like this... Usually I eat very healthy, salads for lunch with fruits for dessert. To me, eating healthy is the only way to go. I've gotten to the point where I think normal fast food looks disgusting. So I don't have a problem eating nutritional, except for one thing: people. Everywhere people always ask me why I don't eat a burger or pizza during lunch...hmm let's see, well I don't want to have a heart attack? Except, even if I tell me the positives about eating healthy
  9. I can't have a normal conversation with my mom without discussing about skin. FML. She looks at my skin instead of into my eyes.
  10. I saw one of your replys on the msg boards and saw you had Japanese hair straightening done! Sweet! How long was the process and what did they do?

    1. That's amazing you've been able to experience that! I can't say that I've met a lot of people in real life or even on these message boards that can say they've lived with those memories in mind. I would love to watch the stars at night and just clear my mind one summer, it's really fascinating to me since looking up to a entirely different universe makes (or would make me) feel like I'm a tiny speck in what makes humanity real and that there is sooooooo much to know and to love in the world. It
    2. I'm glad you caught onto the song title ;) Pink Floyd is amazing.

      1. Many of you have tried hundreds types of acne medication, agonized over books and the internet with research about it and taken pills upon pills upon pills. I know this because I've been in this situation. I've felt like I tried it all and I even added an extra hour of exercise to my schedule to help my blood circulate. Haha it's like i'm training to become at my ultimate health peak, but really I just want clear skin. Then there's stress, which everyone has. I wanted a different approach to l
      2. I'm happy to hear you've been going to school more now, maybe because your skin cleared up? It's difficult because I don't want to miss the work but I felt so stressed out that I thought, "Why stress myself out more?" I can always makeup work but when do people have time to be happy? And yes later today, I will definitely get my studying on Thanks for replying! haha Bowling rocks
      3. haha heyyy :) I took a break from the site for a while. Has anything changed while I was gone?

        1. So today I missed school because I need to study for the SATS tomorrow but really I couldn't come because my skin looks so horrible. Has anyone done this before?
        2. wow you look pretty damn fabulous.
        3. then you might want to reconsider listening to my music, next thing you'll know..you'll smack yourself onto the keyboard and all i'll be reading would ber ro fgf glhgh jhkjhlkl

          1. well what can I say? :)

            oh the link is an ultra chill band, I'm into them but they might make you fall asleep. Which in this case, isn't a bad thing...

            1. I've always liked the villians...damn there I go again.

              1. you get no sleep. you feel no pain. it's hard being a superhero huh?