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  1. Just wash your face with a wash cloth which should be exfoliant enough to remove the dead skin, then once your face is clean, apply some lotion. Thats what i do at least and seems to work nicely.
  2. It dries my skin around my mouth so i always have to put on a lot of lotion to compensate. However, its great to spot treat pimples. Overall, Ive been pretty happy with it although its taken awhile for it to work.
  3. im starting to feel like there really is no answer for red marks. i too have them and they are what bother me the most about acne. i dont seem to break out as much anymore, which is great, but i just want CLEAR skin. maybe the best thing we can do is just wait and let them heal with the time they need. too long i know but i havent heard of anything that really cures like we all want it to.
  4. all of mine scar even if i dont touch them. maybe thats just my skin type tho but its crappy regardless. and popping them doesnt do much for me. sometimes it does but other times, i wake up in the morning and its right back. ive been tryingg not to touch them and after i wash my face i apply a little bp to the area to dry it out. that seems to help the most. and if you reallly cant keep your hands of it tho, atleast apply some bp right after. that might help it from coming back. hopefully, tha
  5. i've been laying in the sun for the past few days and my face has seemed to get better acne wise. as for the red marks i haven't really seen any improvements but it only makes sense that when youre tan your red marks would become less visible. overall, i don't think a little sun could do any harm, i just don't recommend roasting yourself to death.
  6. i think it might be from your phone. i have acne on the sides of my cheek too so when i talk i the phone i try not to rest it on my face and i bought these little alcohol swabs to clean off my phone every once in a while. whether or not it makes a difference, i dont know but it cant cause anymore damage.
  7. hahaha. why would i be rubbing it against my face? am i gonna be taking a french fry and spreading all over my face or soemthing?
  8. agh, so do you have any recommendations that you think might help me? my mom says to make sure the second i get home to was my face really good to get all that junk off but i dont really know what i can do to protect my face while im at work.
  9. im currently working in a restaurant where i work over fryers and was just wondering what your opinion was on whether you guys think that this will cause acne or not.
  10. actually, i have one question. ive been reading that scrubbing your face is very BAD because it causes irritation. do you think the baby brush is going against that rule or should i be ok?
  11. i went today and bought my first baby brush ever. walking into babies r us was a little weird but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. i've had dry skin from using BP for quite some time now and when i heard about this technique i had to try it. anyways, i just got finished trying it out and it seems a little rough for my face but i think i did the trick. i kind of had to tilt the brush a little to the side so it didn't feel that it was scratching my face as much. i applied a lot of lotion after
  12. what does the glycolic acid do? help to "bleach" that marks away in a sense?
  13. im probably asking a really dumb question but what is skinceuticals? i dont think ive ever heard of that before.