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  1. Hey Neo, I would much appreciate it if you could forward me this paper as well? Thank you
  2. I feel your pain man. I have a ton covering chest, shoulders, and back. Here are the two best ideas I could come up with and I will eventually try when I get money and time. The first idea would be to excise the larger ones and maybe "punch some of the larger smaller ones and MAYBE, if it shows good results, use a little ECM to aid the healing. For the bulk of the rest though I was considering dermarolling the areas (will have to be many sessions) and using maybe some CP or emu oil to speed up
  3. what tool is that? can you post a link?
  4. The ECM (Acell) is harvested from pig bladders.
  5. Cuz it isn't very well known or accepted yet. Many who HAVE tried apparently get shot down by derms unwilling to try it. so your saying that i can get a dermotogist to order me some for my face today? You could, but you have to have some pretty good resources to convince any doctor to order a new product that hasn't been on the market for very long. Get some literature together to support your claims that the ECM would help and give it a go. If you've got the cash, it's not cheap and it's the
  6. Cuz it isn't very well known or accepted yet. Many who HAVE tried apparently get shot down by derms unwilling to try it.
  7. It's been out for months. (FDA approved for humans) You can get it if you go through a derm or ps.
  8. Whoa... I just realized that 10cm is almost 4 inches. (sorry I don't deal with metric system too much and never bothered to look it up when you said it -_-) But yeah, that's WAY bigger than what I am talking about anyway. A 4x4 square would be huge. 2x2 was closer to what i was thinking lol.
  9. How would it not look like the surrounding skin if it does what it is purposed to do? Is it not supposed to "grow" what's supposed to be there? Remember I said if this stuff "works like it should work..." I don't understand how a varying "patchwork" would be created as that isn't how the skin naturally occurs or rather that's not what's "supposed to be there."
  10. Don't get me wrong here. I agree with the slow methodology BUT, I think you misunderstand my approach and the extent of my scarring. My scarring consist of many little white pocks with a varying texture. Hundreds... So individually excising them would take operations that would span maybe the rest of my life lol (slight exaggeration but very true). Now as far as inhibited wound healing goes, mine is actually quite good. In fact, the only real reason i have the scarring i do is because I was too
  11. I understand what you mean, but have you seen the procedure done with the layered dermabrasion? It seems a great degree more invasive than just a simple dermabrasion. And if you think about it... aren't you just grinding skin down? Who's to say there's a limit? Why couldn't you just keep going if need be? I mean theoretically could you not grind away the WHOLE skin layer? (Extreme I know, just using it as an example lol). The reason I suggest dermabrasion, is because of the type of scarring we h
  12. I too think the healing is going quite well. The only thing that worries me (and I don't know how your skin is) is that my skin will heal THEN the white scar will happen like a month or so down the line... Judging by HOW it seems to be healing though, I am very hopeful. I am starting to think if this DOES work, Dermabrasion (like you said) is the best shot for our scaring. I think excising each little scar on my shoulders and chest would take to long and wouldn't be practical. Let's hope this
  13. No offense, but you are the one being quite childish... You stated your opinion on lasers... yet you jump on him when he states his opinion on dermarollers from his experience? That's not just childish...it's hypocritical. Everything has two sides, and everybody's skin is different. Please keep that in mind.
  14. Lack of new pictures worries me
  15. You gotta remember. You are basically creating a full surface laceration (in this case) and you will have to wait for it to heal no matter what. So it comes down to how bad you want it. Are you willing to sacrifice looks for a bit to have it pay off in the long run? (assuming this technique works of course)