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  1. My Injury came from a sunburn, and acne that I have had over the past 4-5 years. I have mild acne scarring, but some of the injury site from the sunburn no longer has any hair coming from the skin anymore. What does this mean? Hypertrophic scarring in that area? Over the past year the area has healed well on one side, and there is a an area the size of a thumb print that is "glazed over" and no hair to little hair is coming from it. What is this?
  2. I have been using Lactic acid on some enlarged pores, and overall dull skin texture on my forehead from a past injury to the area. I have easily used the 40% Lactic acid and 55% from makeupartistchoice.com. Improvements seem minimal, but are slightly improving as time goes on I believe. The lactic acid seems to be a very conservative approach. Would glycolic acid still be a safe method to exfoliate this patch of skin? Would it work deeper than Lactic Acid? What strength of both would you r
  3. Is it safe to do weekly/every other week Lactic Acid peels, combined with Retin A every other night except for the night of the peel? Does anyone have any experience or Info on this?? Thanks.
  4. I am going to add CP to my reg while doing Lactic acid every couple weeks. Does anyone have any advise as to what CP I should use? Some contain acids, some don't. Could someone who has some experience with this point me in a good direction? Thanks.
  5. I've been using 40% Lactic acid on my forehead for some scarred pores from a burn wound. It appears to maybe be helping a bit. I am able to keep the acid on my skin for 7 minutes easily. I was wondering if it would be better to go to a higher level of Lactic Acid, or try glycolic acid for this skin on my forehead? Any opinions? Thanks.
  6. This may be an unorthodox use of ACV. But I wanted to briefly share my story with it. If you haven't read any of my posts, all.. 2 or 3 of them, I basically described the skin that was leftover after a bad sunburn from one year ago. The skin felt thicker, and harder. And the dermo said it was just enlarged pores. I decided to try ACV on the skin, to try to burn off a little bit of the skin.. smoothen, flatten, whatever I could get it to do. I began by using it mixed with some water. The
  7. I am going to try using 40% lactic acid on a patch of enlaged pored skin on my forehead. My doctor prescribed Retin-A to be used. Is it safe to use a lactic peel once a week while continuing to use Retin-A micro? What about also doing ACV nightly? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys, OursFan >> Is there a specific place you recommend ordering a 40% lactic peel from? I visited makeupartistschoice.com. I am curious, what size of the solution do you recommend to use once a week for 4-6 weeks? As they have many sizes to choose from... Thanks
  9. My dermo has told me that the leftover from my sunburn is no scarring, but the bumpy, reddish look is simply enlarged pores. How do I go about fixing this up in a quick manner? They have been here for the past 10 months. Would ACV night/day help? What about Lactic acid or any other type of mild spot facial peel? BTW, the enlarged pores are on a 1.5 x 1.5 inch patch on my forehead. Thanks
  10. Hello everyone. I am brand new and want to first introduce myself. My name is Bryan. So nice to meet all of you. I found this board while doing a little research on a scar/skin problem that I have acquired. I do not have acne scars or much other than mild acne that I get from time to time. But the story goes... I have very fair skin, but I do get very tan in the summer. One year ago I burnt myself quite bad in a 2x1 inch block on my forehead. This was my first BAD sunburn I have ever ha