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  1. I have an appointment with an amazing tattoo artist that is impossible to get inked by. Well, i am going into the city September 24th-25th and i just started accutane on the 16th. By the time i would be getting the tattoo it will only have been a week. I have no side affects or dryness yet. Do you guys think it would be oaky for me to go ahead and get my tatttoo or should i wait thankkks. Is it bad to get a tattoo while on accutane.. i didn't see anything in the booklet about it and my dermo di
  2. Britt623xo

    Accutane Gallery

    hopefully this works for me without having severe side effects :/
  3. I know it is required to get a pregnancy test before starting accutane i am just wondering if when i go to the dermatologist if they are going to make me "pee in a cup" at the dermo office for the pregnancy test or if they will just test my Blood at the lab where i go get blood work done. Thanks for the helP!!
  4. Vegetarian for 3 years! I have attempted being vegan many times but have not succeded yet (someday i'll get there) i'm veg cause i'm an animal lover, i'm health consious & it just hate the taste of flesh! check out how it all vegan for some good eats!
  5. hello!

    thanks for your photograph comment you left me :)

    just wanted to say good luck for accutane! you'll hate it at times, but hang in there and you'll love it in no time hopefully!

    good luck!