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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for leads on any therapists/mental health professionals who focus on helping with the emotional pain of cystic/severe acne. They can be anywhere in the U.S...I'm just having trouble finding any (and wonder if they are even out there)? TIA!
  2. I'm due to give birth to twins any day now. The biggest fear I have about it? My skin. Being in the delivery room with terrible skin. How messed up is that? If you have been reading my blog over the past few years, you already know that my acne has been only temporarily helped, never cured. It has gotten so much worse since my third trimester, I can't even believe it. Right now I can physically feel where all my pimples are. They hurt so much, they itch so much. It's the first thing I think
  3. hey happy, hows the acne? did accutane completely clear u

  4. Back to misery after two whacks of Accutane and 18 months of perfect skin. Ponytails, no makeup, no worry...it was great while it lasted.
  5. I too have PCOS, and it's probably the reason nothing works for me -- not even Accutane as I've been on it twice (my skin is great for a year then goes back to horrific). My derm has recommended a third time on Accutane but I'm scared because we are thinking about kids in the next year or so, and I don't know how hard it will be for me to get pregnant with PCOS. Don't really feel like spending nine months on Accutane and THEN worrying about it being out of my system before trying for a baby (ass
  6. Any married women out there who've battled with the timing of starting a family and going on Accutane? This would be my THIRD time on Accutane in five years. Oh, and I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and I desire to try to become pregnant in a year or less. If I go on Accutane and it's an eight-month course (AFTER all the government clearances and tests), that means we won't have a child for 18 months at minimum (counting gestation). Complicating this is the fact that I have PCOS and
  7. I have been on Accutane twice, and my severe acne has returned, yet again. Severe acne. It sounds awful to say aloud. Right now, my face burns—I’m on Day 2, only Day 2, of yet another eight-week period of “trying something new.†Only this isn’t new to me; none of it is. It’s been this way—chronic—since I was 16. I remember my first dermatologist, in Dallas: He was an old man even then, with a kind, bloodhound face. His eyes turned down, something that always makes a person loo
  8. Posted some new photos. This is the face of someone who has been on Accutane twice? I am highly suspicious that I was PCOS. My husband just got a new job so I can go to the doctor now and get some blood work to test for it. Why else would I STILL have acne at almost 29, after all I've been through?
  9. It's been more than a year since I've posted on here...since fall of 2009 up to now, things had been pretty good. Now it's back again. I am broken out all over my chin and jawline, just like always. A third whack of Accutane isn't possible right now because my husband and I (yes, I got married in October!) don't have the best insurance. I can't even really go see a doctor because I they will just prescribe an expensive medication. And I think I have PCOS. Winter has always been the worst f
  10. happyexceptforacne

    Here we go again ...

    Photos of my severe acne during my second course of Accutane. About 1.5 years after my first try with it, my acne came back at age 26.
  11. I've been nothing short of terrified to take my makeup off around my guy, but even if I sleep with some of it on, by morning you can see a lot of the spots anyway. But a couple times I know it was especially bad, he either didn't care or didn't notice (I'm thinking the former). I kept waiting for him to say something or be grossed out by it, but he just ... wasn't. To use a different example, he is a bit overweight ... and I seriously do not care AT ALL. The only time I think of it is when I
  12. hello happyexceptforacne! how are you doing? i just wanted to say try not to get too disappointed about your recent outbreak - ihave a very simlar one on my chin at the min! know that we can be clear!! fingers crossed. xxxxxxxxx

  13. Same here. I get red marks if I pick, red marks if I don't pick. Nothing ever just "goes away" on y skin because it's so fair.
  14. I suppose the thing about that is, it just demonstrates how little they care. I mean, they wouldn't try to touch our faces if it grossed them out entirely. Which means it doesn't!