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  1. That is an unfortunate case for many people. However, I don't believe that we should condemn ALL Doctors, Pharma corporations or studies because of Dr. Reuben's laundry list of discretions. Moreover, I believe in a careful trial and error approach to finding out what works best for you. Some medications save lives and greatly improve quality of life, but the best bet is to take only what you need and listen to your body.
  2. Your inbox is full - I wanted to tell you that I found a product that allows me to safely eat protein without breaking out. It has also helped about 5 ppl on this forum, too.

  3. Peanut Butter and Jelly Energy Bars (LaraBar knockoffs!) These are really handy to have pre-made and pre-wrapped for snacks or quick meals. What I do is take equal amounts of nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts or macadamia nuts and raisins. I add in some cinnamon chips, chocolate or white chocolate chips and a bit of vanilla. Food process all the ingredients and you should get a thick paste. You can pat the paste down and cut into bars, wrap and refrigerate (these are GREAT f
  4. I thought it might be a good idea to have our members list known acne triggers so we can use the search function for 'trigger' I'll start more than one serving of dairy a day too much red meat too much sugar tropical fruit too many whole grains or legumes
  5. Sooo about 2 months ago I cleaned up my diet and cut out almost all processed foods. Since then, my diet has been mostly eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, dark chocolate and limited dairy products. I actively avoid high GI foods like sugars and starches. My skin has slowly purged lots of clogged pores and I'm finding the last couple clogged pores are clearing and they are on the sides of my chin. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, or has pinpointed the cause of clogged
  6. the only people who truly believe acne is not affected by diet are people who are unwilling to give up a diet of crap for a healthy one. These are the people who probably have food intolerances and have not yet determined their triggers. Try keeping a food diary. I will breakout within 3 days of eating something I'm not supposed to, but most of the time, I can feel it happening almost instantly.
  7. i'm having a problem with skin shedding from where my eyebrows grow...strangely only there. I asked around and people have said it to be localized sebhorric dermatitis and they recommended creams and shit...if anyone knows of any dietary triggers or things that help, please let me know. edit: sorry to hijack this thread... it's a very frustrating problem
  8. I like my sugar with coffee and cream
  9. I wonder what specifically about the diet can help the body to heal? Interesting. Also, I think a rice diet actually caused a condition called pellagra back in the day. EDIT: pellagra was caused by improperly prepared corn which was a staple food.
  10. hey dude, the idea is to stick with whole foods and to only 'cheat' by eating something that is damn good. I think you are on the right track with diet, however don't be afraid to add in more meals if you are losing weight. Cook lots of meat and veg and pull out some steamed broccoli or use leftover chicken in salads or wraps and such so you can mix it up during the week. I personally can have a serving or two of dairy a day, and eggs are versatile and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner o
  11. Hey thanks. I have been thinking about doing Mercola's paid metabolic test, I might just have to go ahead and splurge on it. please post your type and thoughts regarding the test if you do.
  12. my friend in university used CoverGirl tinted moisturizer everyday and she had the most gorgeous peaches and cream complexion i've ever seen.
  13. i've been trialing pb for just under 2 days now and haven't had any breaktouts so far.
  14. this really works. just wanted to add that 'clean' water isn't necessary. Tap water works just fine. It is crucial to feel 'good' or 'happy' everyday, as well as some form of exercise. Everyone should aim to be physically active for AT LEAST an hour a day. Not saying you need to run marathons.. but if you are sitting at home all day you really need to be up and moving about or doing something (even if it is just playing the Wii in a sunlit room) for an hour or more during the day. Your body need
  15. I do not approve of illegal drug use whatsoever,and it's also been linked to depression. However, years ago when I smoked the stuff,I didn't notice a difference with my acne. I usually ate junk food when I had the muchies,which I've already proven have no effect on me,only milk. I'd smoke 2-3 times a week,I *had* cystic and inflammed acne. Honestly,it's not even that fun anyways,and not worth being caught with the stuff either. I don't want to promote it, but it is fun... to me at le