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  1. To clear acne you dont have to drastic things to your face. No wierd medicine or anything with witch craft. You need to know yourself. And not all acne is hormonal. lol. thats funny, but you must be a new-b.
  2. Please don't tell me you believed that crap. When you have acne you feel vulnerable hoping something that someone else has tried will also work for you. Don't be like that. I have been here before with horrible acne, oily skin, and huge cysts. However there was no miracle cream that cured me. Or i didn't was my face with pee, like i was saw suggested. But it is very easy to be manipulated when you have acne. I started acne right when i began High School (thanks hormones), and i noticed t
  3. I wont help you, on this page, please reply to me by sending a personal note, it is easier for me, and more convienient for you. Thanks
  4. No im not using a book, there is no book that can really cure you or anyone. and hey if you dont want help then your wasting your time reading this. the reason i want to have it done individually is because then people will think ooo if he told him/her that this work, then it will work for me. but as everyone should know, but doesn't, it doesn't work like that.
  5. Hey Xorcist, dude, i aint trying to make a profit or anything dude, im on your side. I know what it feels like. People telling you this works and that works, and when you try it, it doesn't huh? Dude, jus chill. Dont forget im trying to help you, not insult or make fun of you. If you need help on acne send me a personal message, i want to maintain your level of privacy, and it can help me, help you individually without embarrasing you or anything. Thanks
  6. Ok, look. First of all i ain't a marketer or any thing like that. I'm a 20 yr old, guy who had acne, and got rid of it by using proactiv. I'm not endorsing it cuz i know it didn't work for a lot of people. Dont get into the thing that works for everyone else. Believe me i have tried it and it doesnt work. Everyone is different, even if you have oily skin, that doesn't mean you should treat it the same way someone else with oily skin does. Send me a note, or post and i can help you individ
  7. I wrote an article, and it may have been misleading. You see, you can get acne because of your hair, and the products you have on it. During the day you sweat, and the product from your hair can clog pores, and therefore create acne. What Dandruff Shampoo does is clean your hair, and lower the risk of the oil, combining with the hair product to create acne. It does not solve acne, but it does reduce the risk, and helps cut any oils coming from the top of your scalp
  8. Oils come from hair follicles, where you hair roots are. Since most of your hair is on your head you can prevent oily skin on T-Zone with a Dandruff Shampoo. I never have had dandruff either, but since i've used head and shoulders my oil production has decreased imensly.
  9. Well it takes pimples 6 weeks to appear on the skin level. That means that even though your face may be clear, it may have pimples that are forming beneath the skin. I believe, and you dont have to agree, that eating French fries helps speed the process. No i dont believe, that if you eat a french frie, the next day you have acne, however that too much of it, can help promote acne. I have been conducting a survey, i would to ask you, to give your answer, here is the question: 1. Is your fin
  10. I have been on this website many times. Just like you looking for that one acne cure. I tried some, like the Regimen, which dried out my face, and Botchla's, and that made me get worse. Today my face is clear of acne, and the reason why is Proactiv. Please note that i am not endorsing proactiv. I have read that it has not worked for a lot of people, and at first it did not work for me, either. Proactiv is just like all other products stating just use this and it will work. However you nee
  11. if you play sports, that make you sweat, you should not wash your face before you play or put any thing in your hair. The sweat from your head can bring down the stuff you put in your hair and clog pores. and if you wash your face before you play a sport, it can clog pores too. Even if it is oil-free and non-comedogenic. So using the proactiv before you do a sport is bad. Just wet your face with warm water and pat dry. Play and go home take a shower, and wash your face. Hope i helped. La
  12. I have very oily skin too. probably a 3.5 out of 5 I have been using Proactiv for about 1 1/2 weeks now, with their daily control mattiffier and my skin is still a bit oily but not as heavy as it used to be. Before i could feel the oils on my face, and now i can't. I think that within time it will be able to stop it more. Hopefully in a month. It is clearing my skin up, i haven't had a breakout, but if you have a breakout during using proactiv, the breakout was already going to happen. It
  13. i forgot to in step 1 to rinse your face with slightly warmer water than with what you had wet your face before with.
  14. After using every single over the counter product, i wanted to use Proactiv. Watching those infomercials makes you feel like the product will work for everybody doesn't it? Well anyway i had already used proactiv twice before and i was dissappointed. I was using pure zone which worked ok, then i went on the REGIMEN, but who wants to put a big blob of thick white stuff all over their face? NOt me! After watching those damn Proactiv commericials, i started to believe in them again. I bought
  15. I use have been using this cleanser for a week, called Oil Free Foaming Wash, by Beyond Belief. I have stopped having pimples and i my skin has been losing its red spots. i use the Euricen Moisturizer recommended by dan. and thats it and i have no more pimples!!
  16. Actually all the ingrediants work together to prevent dryness. smoothy The all work good together, well at least for me
  17. oops i forgot to add this to what else it has: Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B-5): Moisturizes and Conditions. I am gonna see if they have a website for this stuff to show you. it costs me 6.99 plus tax but well worth it! :smile:
  18. A Couple of nights ago, i went with my gf, to the mall. We were just looking around and i saw a beauty store. I wanted to go in and look at Acne cleansers if they had any, but i didn't want to go in if my gf did not want to. Anyway i saw this great cleanser that is called Deep Pore Oil-Free Foaming Cleanser by Beyond Belief. It has SA and Botanical Extracts. This is what it has: Lactic Acid: Alpha hydroxy acid exfoliates skin's outer layer SA: Beta hydroxy acid exfoliates skin & unclogs
  19. I had been using a combo of both Botchla's and Dan's regimen, that i had posted earlier. I had my acne cleared but i still had oily skin. So i decided to try the Acne Cure, but with a tweak. (Sometimes i think i know more than some dermotalogists cuz i have been looking all over for the perfect cure). this is my Regimen that has really cut down on my Oils. 1. Pure Zone Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser: 2% SA The reason it works is b'cuz it is formulated for Oily skin, and has Dermo-Complex t