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  1. Never mind, I figured out something.
  2. Hey all, I have been told to try to keep my face from flushing and I even take a little fan around with me to try and cool down my face, such as while getting into a hot car (although I do leave the doors open for a bit to try and cool it down). Now, here is the embarrassing part; I flush while I mastarbate or even think about it. I could take an antihypertensive, but I don't like taking it and when I do, I am no longer "in heat." Thus, how do you all deal with this situation?
  3. Exactly. Facebook is not the place to be. Just makes one depressed really. It's no fun being lonely due to others excluding you. Such a simple concept, yet causes such distress to ones health. A lot of things could be prevented in life and in histories past if people were more aware of others and cared.
  4. Sounds like a superb idea la-li-lu-le-lo. I know that facebook feeling where you see other people active and wish you were there fitting in with them. I wouldn't worry about it. People exaggerate their experiences. There is something to admire in someone who finds the inner strength and continue on with their daily routines though, such as your martial arts and other forms of exercise. What kind of cancer did you have?
  5. How many of you right now are frustrated to the depths of H E double hockey stick that you cannot get a date due to the fact that your skin is outrageously horrible and you can act totally chill and make others laugh (due to the fact that you have gotten used to your skin) but your skin causes others to not want to look at your face it is that bad. Even worse is when the girl you like goes for guys far less attractive and intelligent than yourself, but you can't get her. & yeah, I have bee
  6. Try not to worry about them so much, but I do understand.
  7. I've never worn one, does that count?
  8. I've heard that the sun worsens acne.
  9. most likely...nothing. Although I do wish I was smarter.
  10. yet your mood is still cheesy? Lighten up dude. You are the only one holding yourself back. Not your acne. But I do understand how that can be frustrating.