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  1. I just want to find out, what kind of scaring I got and how long will it take to fade? Please check them and advise me. Thanks
  2. Hi... I just took my last pill's today. I was on Isotretinoin(accutane) 60mg for 7 months in total. I can't really complain about, what has accutane did on my acne! Because it has really helped a lot! I mean I had some MAUNA LOA mountain looking acne on both side of cheeks and around it, also around my mouth, jaw line. None on forehead though But now my face is smooth and clear of pimples(spots) what ever you want to call it. My problem is that now, when ever I push my self for example liftin
  3. I been on accutane 6 months I don't get acne anymore I had very bad red marks and swallow scarrings they look so much better now but still there and do sometime look bad as before at times! I think if is kind of bad it will take year and a half to fade or more.... Im sorry My red marks are just stubborn.
  4. I have the same problem load of them on my cheeks. I name them marks of devil because they ruined ma life. I had them now like nearly a year after my breakout.
  5. I apologize to you all. I just became very sensitive and I hate it! Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. Lauran and Calibos if you both trying to be funny, is not working!!! I was serious about what I said... I do live in England but I'm not British. I lived here for 10 years. My English is actually quite good I just said that in case I make mistakes....
  7. That is very true. Even when I work out I cant do it with my full potential because my acne just put's me down and makes me feel weak!
  8. Okay... I don't know how I'm going to put this together with my not so good English... I'm 19 now well 20 in few months.. In my early days like around 17 16 I use to actually thing I'm quite handsome With my cool hair But now after having a bad acne just more then a year ago I have lost everything.. My confidence.. Can't even look at mirrors outdoors with this devil red marks left on my cheeks. I tried to be strong waiting them to go away.. But they just wont. I guess I had my time and now I j
  9. Before I had acne my face would look much better at evening and night time. but now I have this evil red marks on my cheeks they would become more noticeable and redder. Also I don't know if is accutane but I look tired everyday now, sharpness has gone!! Hate acne :'( x
  10. I was 80% mental but is 100%..... Acne didn't really hit me in bad way as I been threw load of things when I was younger like my parents not taking good care of me and I would get hurt badly when I'm out, get a scar on my body head etc... I sometime get the feeling that I'm just cursed and I'm better of dead even tho I still have faith after all! Been around narrow minded people for most of my life has made a big impact on me and now I suffer from depression. Also starting to feel more stubborn
  11. Hi I'm not sure if anyone posted anything similar to this but I'm very curious about something! Many post's here are about product's or what regimen's that might help red marks fade etc... I just want someone to tell me that they red marks faded completely after a certain time! months, years! Basically I want to hear success. I need encouragement that it will heal in the end. Thanks
  12. LMFAO! Man you seem like a interesting lad lol Have your ever tried looking at your good side? I'm not calling you crazy maybe someone can change the way you think!
  13. Kieu don't get offended I know how you feel! But you should talk to your doctor and get something arranged you need to speak to someone, seems like acne taking over you Believe me one day you are going to remember these days and get mad at your self for putting your self into such a stress!! Its all going to get better soon please be patience even if it seems for ever! Good luck