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  1. Ok, life isn't all about acne. Changing your diet WILL help you feel and be better if you're currently eating crap on a regular basis. It will help your entire body, and there's plenty of scientific proof on that. I completely agree with that, but i know people taking loads of supplementary pills for dietary purposes. I for myself stayed away from dairies for a long time, for a while i even stayed away from carbs just for the sake of being clear. The problem is i can't be sure if it helps o
  2. There's some scientific proof. Look at the sticky at the top of this forum concerning clinical dietary studies and acne. I'll check those out, thanks
  3. But don't you at least expect some scientific information before making changes in your diet? I mean that relation you see between your acne and diet might actually be caused by the stress you have every time you eat. Like "would this be ok to eat?" "would i break out if i had this?" "damn that zit must be from last night's fries" etc. Don't get me wrong, i also tried dietary changes but i could never be sure if it helped or not. If there's a proof out there, i'm willing to change my diet accord
  4. Is there actually any scientific proof that diet and acne are related?
  5. How do you keep your helmet clean? I try to keep my hands away from my face all day long and then during trainings i can't help but always think about how my helmet's gonna affect my skin. My performance is also effected since i can't give my full attention to the game. p.s:we're not talking about soccer right?
  6. A number of people in my team have skin problems too but i can't just go out and ask them about it. It would make me look weak. So did your brother find a solution for that?
  7. Do you think your helmet cause any breakouts? Or any kind of damage to your skin condition? I would appreciate answers from people other than active players too
  8. How many of us will grow out of it? Does it matter that you're a male or female? And if you do what is the average age to grow out of it? I celebrated my 20th birthday a month ago is there any hope for me?
  9. I played basketball while on accutane and did not notice anything strange. Well my vertical leap decreased by an inch maybe but other than that i was ok.
  10. why don't you believe in him then? Beauty is a subjective matter, maybe he truly finds you attractive? (he clearly does if he's dating you) But i totally understand you about being comfortable. I feel that way too. Sometimes when i breakout on one side of my face mostly i try to get the other side facing people. I know its pathetic but its humane:)
  11. I'm on the same boat as you are except i'll be meeting the girl in 10 days.I'm scared as hell to have another breakout. Normally when i'm with friends i'm really a funny guy but i can't be that comfortable with girls.So you're not alone:) But pog's reply makes sense and it relieved me, I wish the same for you. Let us know how things went..
  12. Sun helps at the beginning but for myself whenever i tan a little bit, my skin gets really oily within a week resulting in breakouts
  13. I'm going to try H&S for a while. I've never broke out on my forehead before so i think i have PF
  14. I checked the other thread and i really think that this is my problem. Starting from tomorrow I'm gonna use my shampoo on my forehead too. What about your acne? Does Nizoral worsen it?
  15. This is probably what i have on my forehead ( since mid-june). The whole story fits the oily skin, the hot, the sweating even the sunscreen part lol. I've been using Head&Shoulders but avoiding it from touching my face should i use it on my face too?