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  1. Hey thanks for reading , here's my story: I am a 15 year old, I get blackheads at my cheeks and I generally tend to pick at them and now I am left with red (maybe brownish black) scars in the place .They actually are tiny indents which are extremely red such that the depressed portion is barely visible but the redness shines like a traffic light. Are these permanent , coz I would rather die than seeing it on my face forever Thanks!!!
  2. DON'T USE IT!!!

    I had pretty clear skin before except for that occasional period zit that sometimes left red marks, I researched online and found it effective to treat the marks . So I diluted it (80% water, 20% lemon juice, and the lemons were fresh).I used it 2 times a week at night.At first it didn't effect my skin but soon I began getting large n of pimples only cheeks that left behind such bad scars that I am crying seeing them :-(.It has WORSED MY SKIN and my self esteem too.
  3. @usename110 yup think so
  4. hi I was extracting a blackhead with an extractor it started bleeding and now its red and has tiny white top(that doesn't cover the whole of it. what exactly is it?how to heal?