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  1. I appreciate your guidance but please know I already adapt many of these points. I don’t eat / drink dairy. I am a part time fitness instructor and live a healthy, active lifestyle. I sleep well. I eat whole foods, fruits and vegetables. I generally don’t drink alcohol. I supplement my diet with Zinc and probiotics for good gut health. I “enjoy” being and feeling healthy! Consistently monitoring my skin since the start of this year, with all of the above as constant factors and my skin has
  2. Hey! 26 y/o female documenting my second round of isotretinoin/ accutane in the hope i can help others with the hardships of this condition I say “full” because I have had a previous full course and then a course which I didn’t take for long enough due to another condition Week 1 (Sun 28/06) Medication - 20mg isotretinoin, 30mg prednisolone daily Skin care routine - Carbon theory cleansing bar & moisturiser AM and PM Diet - Clean, minimal/no dairy, probio
  3. Just seem your post notification now, I’m new to posting on here. Just started 20mg this week then up to 40mg the following week. I do agree with the other posts there is definitely a gut health / other imbalances issue which I am focussing on with clean diet and supplementation. Hopefully this will help me see more long term effects! Have you started your 3rd round? Drop me a message if you want to chat more ☺️
  4. Hey! Your story sounds very similar to my own. Birth control, topicals, mounds of antibiotics, 2 full rounds of accutane and it looks like I’ll be in for the third. Finished the last round ~ 2 years ago and my skin has been “ok” for the most part but suffered the worst breakout i can remember in the recent month(s). I eat very clean, no dairy, live a healthy lifestyle and like you have also cut right down on what I put on my face in terms of product. I feel like I’m back to squar
  5. Yes i had something similar, dry red patches on my arms and top of legs. Still left with them 2 years post accutane.