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  1. Hi, I was talking to someone I knew and they mentioned that when people exfoliate (like I used St. Ives Apricot Scrub), all oils are stripped, including the good oil and of course the bad, so the skin starts creating more oil because all the oil is gone and this therefore can worsen skin. Does anyone know of any products that restore good non-pore clogging oils to skin after the skin is exfoliated? Special moisturizers or whatever. (I mentioned to her that after I exfoliated, I used an oil-f
  2. Hey Dan, you should consider using Google Adwords. That way people could see a link to where you could buy your gel when they type in some terms. I believe the program allows you to set how much you are willing to spend, like per day or something. So you could look at how much you make off the tubes and figure out a good plan in how much to spend. Anyway, you should check it out! -Patrick
  3. Go to: http://sunless.com They have product reviews as well as a message board and much more!
  4. Hello, I recently got Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Creme. It has 10% glycolic acid. I want to fade red marks, make my skin look better, make the pores on my nose less visible, etc. Could people who've tried it describe their results and how long it took to obtain the results, etc. Thanks! -Patrick
  5. Oh, thanks. Some people said it worked well for getting rid of red marks and that you recommended it.
  6. Hi, I wanted to get rid of a pimple so I got some vinegar from a container that was in my house. I also got a Q-Tip. So, I dabbed the Q-Tip into the vinegar and pressed it firmly against the blemish, and I did this again against the red part of the blemish. Maybe for 1 - 2 minutes. Anyway, after I was done, the blemish went down. However, when I feel my face I feel the acne bump (of course) and a little indentation (not sure if it can actually be seen) and then raised skin. I am worried
  7. Hi, I was wondering what percentage of AHA does Eucerin Renewal AHA Lotion w/ SPF 15 have? Thanks, Patrick
  8. Stop using so much B5; it is dangerous. One excuse that people use for using so much is that B5 is water soluble. Well, so is Vitamin C but doctors don't want you to take too much of that.
  9. I found out that Lubriderm Seriously Sensitive Lotion contains Mineral Oil, so now I know for sure that it is bad. Thanks for your help though! -Patrick
  10. The directions say to put it on on your hands and body, however I've never thought of it specifically as a body moisturizer. I don't know if that is an issue with this. -Patrick
  11. Hi, I have acne and to moisturize my face I use Lubriderm Seriously Sensitive Lotion. I was wondering if there were any problems with this product such as oils, etc. Like I mentioned I am using the Seriously Sensitive kind of Lubriderm so others may be different in terms of being okay for acne. Thanks! -Patrick
  12. Tanning beds, even when used in moderation, are very dangerous. Try sunless tanning; that too will cover up marks.
  13. The Microfiber and Miracle Peel Cloth (that's the one at microdermabrasioncloth.com) are different. The Miracle Peel Cloth looks more textured but that may be just because of the way it was photographed in the photos on the site. I'll try to post a review here if I try the microdermabrasioncloth.com [Miracle Peel Cloth]. Thanks, Patrick
  14. Okay thanks! Scorpion_Vixen, another cloth I have heard of was I think: Microfiber cloth Thanks again for your responses! I might as well try the cloth from microdermabrasioncloth.com. If I end up using it I'll try to "report" the results on this message board. Thanks! -Patrick