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  1. Has anyone found a product that makes a good substitute for Dan's BP? I go through this stuff fast and I'm looking for something that I can find locally to avoid hassle, though I would be open to the prospect of buying another product if it was demonstratively better than Dan's. Anything local? Anything better online?
  2. You're on your third cycle? Did the first two fail to clear you up? I wouldn't want to go through the sides again unless I knew that I would have at least a 90% of clearing up for years. How bad was your acne after the first cycle that made it necessary for a second?
  3. Two years ago, I took a high dose of Accutane under a dermatologist's supervision because I wanted to rid myself of severe cystic acne, and I had tried every possible treatment. Ten months, tons of money, and many periodic derm appointments/blood tests later, my skin had significantly improved and my dose ended. But those ten months were absolutely the worst of my entire life. I clearly remember the side effects in those last couple of months. My eyes were the worst. I used to hate "passing peri
  4. I have taken accutane before and am using the regimen with a relatively clear face. I have only been applying about a half-pump of BP for a week now along with the rest of the regimen, and have noticed improvements. My question is: should I be upping the dose of BP even if I'm seeing results with a half-pump dose? Will a smaller dose of BP cause less reddening of my face? Will I be able to cruise at a small dose for a longer period of time and then up my dose after months go by and be set up
  5. Ok, that's not really the answer I'm looking for though ... so I shouldn't take a shower after I work out? I'm just thinking that if you shower during the day and don't re-apply product after, then you're giving yourself less exposure to the product. Is that right? brb showering and then doing nothing after b/c I don't know what to do really
  6. I generally do the regimen in the morning and work out in the afternoon 3 days a week. What should I do regimen-wise if I shower after I work out mid-day? Do I re-apply? I'm confused.
  7. So I could just order Dan's BP, and apply that on my face after doing the cleanser+brush combo method? And then continue with the Baby Brush? (put on aloe vera & cetaphil)
  8. Could you tell me more about Paula's Choice? Would I just apply that on my face in the morning? Basically what you all are saying is that I need to add in BP or something similar. My question is when and how.
  9. The baby brush method cleared my acne significantly, but I still can't get rid of it all the way. What else should I be doing if I'm still getting small red "mosquito bite"ish pimples on my face? Should I be doing something on top of the baby brush method? Or do I have to quit the baby brush method to try something different?
  10. Also, are there any good articles to read out there on tailoring an acne treatment to your individual type of acne? It seems like most people on this forum use the "DKR" treatment with moderate success, but I'm sure it must be more beneficial to find something specifically for you? I've know that there are people out there who can look at your skin type and specific type of acne, and recommend you a treatment ... that's what I want to be able to do.
  11. example: Routine I currently shower at night, get out of the shower & dry my face. I rub Purpose Liquid cleanser onto my face (don't wash it off). Then I get my baby brush and rub Purpose cleanser onto the bristles and gently brush my face with it. I then wash all of that off and put on Cetaphil/Aloe Vera. Then I go to sleep. Acne Accutane did a good job clearing up my face, but I have been left with moderate acne (still, it was a major improvement). The skin on my face feels &
  12. When do you think is the most effective time to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin? I just started doing the baby brush method, and I'm wondering if I should do it at night, in the morning, or after working out. Also, once you moisturize, do you leave the moisturizer on all day/night? I'm completely new to this site and the methods that everyone is using (though I have been through Accutane before). It would be helpful for me if you could tell me what your routine is & the type