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  1. Hi all, i know i posted a similar thread to this, i have stopped using the benzoyl peroxide, because i noticed a lot of fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth and forehead. I have used a lot of moistoiruser and it doesnt seem to be doing any good. I heard these side effects are not permanent, since i saw on dan's FAQ that benzoyl peroxide doesnt cause wrinkles and finelines. But i was wondering if anybody else experienced finelines around their mouths due to the overdrying of the BP, and wha
  2. roosemarie, brandy and hoover - thanks for the replies , appreciate it. i have been putting on moisturoriser on that area, and will try and find a 2.5%, its quite rare in the shops though.
  3. Hey, well i have been using BP for some time (5% strength) but seem to have noticed a permanent fine line on my face, which i think its caused by the overdrying of the BP - is this pernament? and will it go away in time?
  4. Thanks RJ and duchamp for the replies i must admit i havent been doing the moisturizing consistently because i have such oily skin, but sometimes when i use the BP, my skin does get very scaly!
  5. Hi all, ive been using the regiminen for a couple of weeks now. And i been getting really scaly skin, does anyone else experience this? and is there anything i can use to reduce the scalyness? many thanks
  6. Hi there, i just have a question.. before i was 18 i was of average weight, and didnt have one spot on my face. I then started long distance running and i went from 11.5 stone to just under 9 stone, and since i started running (at 18) my face just exploded and i have a lot of acne. I asked one of my friends this and he said that he saw a programme where very skinny people are more prone to have acne due to the failure of the immune system combatting acne? i also know of a girl who did have ver
  7. "dont you wash your face properly" "you been eating too much chocolate and crisps"
  8. That is a great attitude to take, keep it up
  9. Hi beck, thank you for the reply, - its not nice when you can feel breakouts emerging, but this place seems understanding and welcoming. and i do try and not think about the spots and try have fun. hopefully this regieme dan propsoed might work!
  10. I just looked at my face tonight, (after spending the whole day desperatly avoiding mirrors) and i look absolutely hideous. I have big bulging spots all over my face, i look terrible and it is depressing me a lot. sorry for the rant everyone, but everytime i look at myself in the mirror i just see someone so hideous staring back. i know everyone has that feeling, but it is still really getting me down. i was so happy and carefree before i got all these spots, now i just feel withdrawn and fe