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  1. Posts are fine, im more concerned about the comments on my profile. 157 pages of them id like deleted. I guess i'll have to check 1570 ticks
  2. Hundreds of comments id like deleted that id rather not have to go through deleting. I have lots of track marks i'd rather forget
  3. you must have some SQL server or something that can do with alleviating some space?
  4. Hmm it must be so much easier to relocate when you are both in the same country, good luck! Nice coincidence too with the name
  5. ...and your name is LaFawnduh, like the chick from Napoleon dynamite who meets her guy online, was that intended? Are you guys long-distance? How far if so?
  6. Now I'm beginning to wish I was gay. Think of all the game I'd have
  7. Thanks for the kind and encouraging feedback guys. This thread will die soon but I will post any major events in the coming years involving the two of us to keep people updated if you are interested
  8. Ofc not, it's just a photo! Alright, this looks a bit staged now though...lol. See you in 5
  9. Awful photo of me seriously, oh gawd the shame.
  10. Thank you I wonder if anyone else has got serious with someone they met through the org?
  11. Hey, hope everything is well.

  12. You're missing the point again. I'm answering the topic poster's question, that's all. We can argue about many many things but this topic is specifically just asking about side-effects.