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  1. It doesn't matter when/if you shower so long as you are doing something to follow the 'washing the face' step in the morning and evening, which is the main point in that instruction. The only other issue with showers is if you are taking them in between Regimen applications (i.e. after exercise but before evening Regimen) as then you are washing the BP off your face and so aren't 'protected'. Personally I prefer to take two showers a day as it's easier to get the dry skin off my face in a show
  2. **Mods, please feel free to move, as wasn't sure whether I should put this in the specific product sub-forum or not** I am 70+ days into the Regimen, and after many ups and downs, feel like I am finally turning a corner. I have been waiting a million years for my AHA Enhanced Lotion (which I ordered in NOVEMBER!! not from acne.org though) to arrive, so I haven't had the chance to incorporate that into my regimen, but I even feel like my scarring (which is my main issue at present) is starti
  3. Hi teastains, weird that you experienced a burning pain after using BP for 3 weeks... When I first started using it (and I use Panoxyl) even just using a blob on the top third of my finger once a day was enough to feel like a nuclear bomb had gone off under my skin for about an hour. I know what you mean about feeling sick to your stomach! Like everyone else has said, this will pass, but please please start small with the BP dosage and then ramp it up. You have ages to get to the full amount
  4. Yay, so inspiring! Congratulations Kairasa! I had a skim through your whole blog and it was really enlightening. Patience really is key, right? Your skin looks amazing now. I really hope I can be heading a similar way in a few months. Right now I'm coming up to the end of Week 3, so it's early days...
  5. Agreed! The good news is that I don't get any more pain from BP application twice daily (I started up again in the morning today), but the bad news is that my face is uber flaky right now! Tomorrow I'm going to buy some jojoba oil and see if I can also track down a baby hair brush to exfoliate. I tried to gently rub off some flakes when I had a shower this morning and it worked temporarily, but then they came back with a vengeance as my skin was drying! The only thing that keeps them relativ
  6. Oh my gosh -- so I started using BP x2 a day from Friday, and this morning when I woke up I honestly thought I had had an allergic reaction! My face *felt* all swollen, although it wasn't red or itchy, and I had loads of the wrinkles that other people report getting. However, as soon as I washed my face, it felt much better, but then started getting dry and wrinkly again until I put my moisturiser on. So I realised what had happened was that my face was so dry and tight that it felt like it h
  7. Hi Caitlyn, it is pretty easy to find online. Just Google it and you should find plenty of pharmacy/online chemist websites that sell it. You can also buy it on eBay.
  8. Hi Resery, thanks so much for responding. I have had a browse through your log, and wow! I am so pleased for you! What a success story -- I really hope it only continues to get better. I am definitely going through a breakout atm...my only concern is that I am getting spots in areas where I have not previously (on the 'corner' of my skull where my jaw meets my neck, very close to my ear on my face and also behind my ear!) Is this normal? Can you advise how bad the Week 2 breakout normally i
  9. Hi, I went on Accutane twice (female) and have had no side-effects (aside from the inevitable dryness), although my spots did come back (but a lot less than before). I am an advocate of the treatment, and think people like to emphasize the very rare horror stories way too much! I think your skin is of a standard which would definitely benefit from Acc. I would think carefully about your decision. You could always do the Regimen in conjunction with Acc., or start it after you finish treatment
  10. I'm really pleased with the results so far. I think the most dramatic change was over Days 1-2 -- I guess my skin was so shocked at the BP! Now I think I'm going into my 'purging' phase which is great. I have some small bumps on my forehead and right hand side of my face is a bit spotty. However, even these soften and go away much more quickly then before. Overall my skin quality (texture/tone) has improved so much. A few days ago I actually got a compliment from a colleague from work (who
  11. Hey Alex, we are around a similar point in the Regimen. Today is Day 10/11 for me. Regarding increasing, I was also really, really scared because I had a horrible reaction to the BP the first three days. However, around Day 8, I did a test where I went from a blob on the top of my finger to quite a thick line along the whole 1/3 (what is probably equal to the top third of a finger and a quarter using the picture on Dan's instructions -- I use Panoxyl 2.5 so I'm referring to the 'tube' photos)
  12. Well, this is my 8th day on the Regimen and my tolerance is much better. The 'nuclear burn' effect stopped after about the 3rd day, and although I normally still get some itching for about an hour or so after, and my skin feels a little scratchy when I go to bed, it is no way as bad. Yesterday when I went to bed my skin felt completely fine! However, I need to know how to scale up my BP usage... There is no way that I could put it on in the morning because the itching is still quite annoying
  13. Good job! Today is my 5th day on the Regimen, and after what was pretty miraculous results in Days 1 and 2, I am finally breaking out a bit. Also, the BP (which was initially burning so bad) is not affecting me so horribly now, but I have started to get pretty dry skin like yourself (no significant redness though), particularly on my forehead. I am just ramping up my moisturiser and sticking to the top third of my finger for BP once a day for the first week. Keep at it and let us know your p
  14. Hi Paul, thanks for your response. After posting last night, I did some searching and found a few threads where people had reported/spoken of the same thing: Burning Sensation Absolute Beejesus Not getting used to BP My face tingles I feel a bit better to know that some other people have experienced the same "nuclear bomb" type burn that I have!! I count myself lucky that it only lasted for an hour, and I don't experience really any of the other side effects I don't think I'm allergic
  15. I'm using Cetaphil products and Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5 at the minute, and am only applying the top 1/3 of my finger once a day at present. This is my third day on the Regimen. However, about 5 minutes after applying the BP, and after I put the moisturiser on, it honestly feels like a nuclear bomb went off under my skin for about an hour afterwards. I wait the full 15 minutes for the BP to sink in before I apply the moisturiser. Weirdly (luckily?) I don't have any redness or flaking, but after t