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  1. So i have lowered my sugar and simple carbs, zero dairy and exercised everyday. I started to this a few days before the first post. I currentlly have no active pimple\acne. I think the main thing is getting rid of the sugar, especially the liquid sugar that spike your blood sugar really fast. I think the exercise must also be key. I should note that i also use fluoride free toothpaste, and take quit cool showers only letting warm hiot hit my nose (this seems to keep clogged pores away and dimini
  2. I've had clear skin a few different times. Twice when I was a depressed my skin cleared up dramaticly. I lost my appeitite and all i did was sleep. What could have been yhe reason why I didn't get acne? Well, I think of a few things. I wasn't eating anything; so no sugar, dairy or anything for that matter. I was sleeping alot. I was pretty much stress free, because I was so depressed I didnt care about anything. Another reason why it could have been was no masturbation, matter of fact I couldnt
  3. I get these small pimples at the bottom corners of my nose. I get them on the side of my chin too. It starts out as a red inflamed spot, and within 24 hours it comes to a head. They don't last long, but they just keep coming. I exfoliate and moisturize. What else should I be doing? Should I try a moisturizer with salylic acid .05% in it?
  4. Regarding white tongue. I've always had a white tongue off and on. I started taking some Vitamin D a few days ago, and guess what. I might tongue has disapeared. It had been white coated for the last few months. I've been taking quit a bit. Like 10,000iu thoughout the day. I've also been getting sun when I can. Google vitamin D deficiecny. Most americans are deficience. It might be now that I have enough vitamin D in me I can now absorb zinc better. I don't really know. But my white coated tong
  5. Make sure you aren't using hot or warm water at all(so you aren;t striping the oils from your skin). If you must wash your face use tepid or cool water. I've gone as far as to buy a shower head filter to take the chlorine out. Results have been very good so far and only been like 7 or 8 days.
  6. I've kinda been doing this too. I still lightly wash my face, hair, and body with cool\tepid water and end with cold. Hot water strips the natural oils from your skin. My face, back, scalp and chest have already improved in just one week. My scalp isnt as itchy anymore. I do still have some light flaking, but it may take up to 28 days for that to improve.
  7. I know what you mean about the whole do I, or don't I have Candida. Well, the truth is everyone has yeast. Just some have moer than others. I have come to the conclusion that I probably don't have a yeast overgrowth. Though my tongue is white at times, it is pretty much the only symptom I have. My skin is looking much better these days. I've contributed it to not over washing my face, and when I do it is with tepid\cool water. Hot water strips the natural oils from your skin. My face, chest, a
  8. Washing your face with warm water isn't natural. It strips the natural oils from your skin, thus making your body create more. Back in the day most people cleaned themselves in cold streams, rivers, and lakes. Sure some of them had some hot spring, but not most. Your post is pretty naive! You don't think most of the people here have tried this already. Some probably multipy times. You should have thrown in "this might not work for all, but has worked for me", or something like that. Where do yo
  9. Are you people sure you have seborrheic dermatitis. I thought i did for the longest time. Turns out I had dry skin. They look very similiar but are not. I used dandruff shampoos, which only dried me out more and made it worse. The cause of my dry skin was warm\hot water. I started taking cold showers, and guess what. My skin isn't as itchy. There are still some flake, but I have no scalpacne, no new forming acne on face, chest or back.
  10. have you thought about trying cold water. Warm\ hot water strips the natural oils from your face. Then your body create more oil to compensate for the dry skin you have created. Do a little research on the effect warm\hot water does to your skin. I've been doing the cold shower thing for about 4 days and the results have been good so far. I use nothing else. Maybe a splash of tepid\room temp water then cold? Check this thread out. Its about doing nothibng to your face. Some have had results, wh
  11. I've done this in the past. Not the no wash, but the quick cold shower. Cold water doesn't strip the oil out as much as hot\warm water does. I was clear when I did this, but stopped doing it because I figured it was somethin else that was keeping me clear. Though it was probably somethng else that played a role; I'm convinced that quick cold showers was a big part now. I've been doing it again for 4 days. Guess what; my my whole body has improved. Less breaouts on face and chest\back, dry itchy
  12. First off, my acne is not 100% clear. I would say it is about 95%. I'm just going to share with you what has been working for me. I've only been doing for about 3 or 4 days. I believe I will be 99% clear in a matter of days. 1. Diet - I avoid sugar, dairy, and excess saturated fat.(I'm putting this first since I'm posting this on the Nutrition & holistic health board.) I also eat alot of alkalining foods. I've been doing this for awhile now. Probably doing this for 5\6 weeks. I've done man
  13. I've started taking cold shower for the last 2 days. I think warm\hot water was stripng the natural oils from my hair and body. I start out with the water at (luke warm\slightly cool), then cleanse myself. At the end I I take about 60 secs under extremely cold water. So far, my hair and face seem less itchy, but I still have some flakes. I remember doing this before when I had clear skin. But I somehow over looked it as a remedy. So I will continue with the cold showers. This alone will not st
  14. After a little research I've found that I probably have dry scalp; not dandruff. Dandruff isnt even white. Its yellow or orange.(from what I've been reading) Anyone know more abount the difference and any remedies for dry scalp please let me know. I've tried many "dandruff Shampoos" (head + shoulders, selsom blue, etc..) which probably made it worse. the reason I'm asking here is because I think my dry scalp, dry face(where i have facial hair) is related to my acne problem. When I've been cl
  15. OH ya I definetly still eat meat! I couldn't live with out it. I've been consuming Real Lemon from the bottle, but I did just pick some fresh lemons up. Think i will cosume 1 in the morning 20 mins before i drink my wheatgrass shot. I will make it 1:1 ratio with water and use a straw.