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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 340 mg taken Hey all. Now I have been on this for a little over a month. 340 mg taken My overall skin condition has improved. My skin feels more smooth. The "sandpaper" feeling has disapered and my skin feels much more smooth. My seb derm is still the same though. The last 2 weeks for instance has been so fucking great. Really good skin, seb derm seems gone, less blushing and no ance. But suddenly here 2 days ago
  2. 140-150 mg taken. Well it is going slow and steady. My skin seems olier, and the "funniest" thing is that my nose, with all the blackheads, seems kind of be "pushing out". I can feel them if I stroke my nose with my finger(Sounds disgusting right ?). My skin condition seems fine. I am maybe a little reeder, but actually almost nothing. I still have a LOOOT of clogged pores. Get small seb derm flare beetween my eyerbrows and nose, but it is not bad at all, people don't noticed. Side effects are
  3. Hey Good to hear you are doing well on the low dose =D - I am also on a low dose(10mg/day), and have been it on 10 days now. I was just wondering if you still were on 10mg and if not, did you noticed any side effects from bumping the dose from 10mg to 20mg? Hope it continues to go well =)
  4. Day 4-7 - 70mg taken Haven't really noticed anything other than what I allready have said. Seems a little more red, and have gotten some seb derm flare, which I normally dont get so many of when I use my creme. But the flare seems to be allmost over. But I would be surprise if I dont get some more of them. I have noticed that my lips has gotten a little dry. Could ofc just be something I imagne, but it seems like it. So everything goes okay so far.. Looking forward to se some results
  5. Hey all.. Just started on 10mg/day accutane .. - I am on my 5 day now, but I was just wondering when you guys first saw some results? - For instance when did you noticed a sebum reduction? Thank you all so much
  6. Hey all Now that I finally is on accutane I thought I might as well continue the "trend" in here, and start a accutane log. Facts: I am a 17 years old male from Denmark with seb derm, acne and maybe Rosacea(Been diagnosed rosacea, but still doubts it a little)(Got blushing, and a little red, but think thats more becuase of the seb derm) - And then I also got papules, a little acne and execcive sebum production, very much indeed. And also I am 183 cm high and weight about 68kg. I will in the
  7. Hey all. Iam going on accutane next week for acne+very much execcive sebum production. I also have very mild Rosacea, so iam going on low dose(5-10mg/day). But the one thing that is the worse is my seb derm, which is kind of serve. But I have heard that Accutane helps people with Seb Derm, is that true? Thank u
  8. Hey Just a simple question about the No-washing regime. I haven't been washing my face for four days now, and it is going okay. But iam very very dry, with red dry spots that are peeling. So could I use moisture to get the dryness away, or would that not be a good idea, becuase of the "no-nothing" idea?
  9. Is it okay to put on moisture creme? - Becuase here on the third day, i fell seriously dry.
  10. Is it normal that after day 1 you fell wierd dry, and looks oily? - It that a normal thing on this regimen?
  11. I have been watching this thread in some time now, and think its to bad, that its nearly dead right now. But iam anyway going to try this thing, starting from today. I have like Waterwater mild rosacea, and a surface that feels dry, but is oily underneath. I really like the whole idea behind this, so iam really wishing that this is the right thing for me. Wish me luck
  12. Like Listener, I have sebderm. I tried the no washing and it was certainly slowing down acne after only a few days- but the SD was flaring worse and worse....
  13. When you say "four servings of extra virgin oil", what do you mean with "serving?" How much is a serving?