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  1. Has anyone tried Lancome resureface peel, it is a glycolic gentle peel you use twice a week! I'm really curious about giving it a try, I have mild to mod acne and really annoying little scars and I was hoping this may help smooth them out! If anyone has tried it pls let me know. Thanks
  2. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, I know if it wasn't in my life i would have hated leaving the house, it gives the confidence to feel good about myself, and if you choose the right type and shade for your skin its hardly noticable and it makes a big difference to the look of your skin. The best founation to use is oil-free, fragance free, Hypo-Allergenic and non- pore clogging make-up.
  3. Hey is anyone using this as their only way to clear up acne and red marks?? If so how good is it and how long does it take for results??
  4. Hey delna, does this regimen only work if you are getting rid of acne marks, or does it clear up active acne as well?
  5. Hey I'm reall interested in this regimene I'm on Botchles at the moment have been using it for 3 months now and my skin still isn't 100% clear I still get little pimples on my forehead and T-zone, so annoying and I'm really interested in using ACV to get rid of some swallow indents and red marks, but I'm a bit concerned to start this regiemen as I don't want my skin to get worse. Please everyone who has tried this regieme tell me how it is going or went thanks
  6. Hey i'm using the Botchla regimen, but I also want to use apple cider vingear to get rid of some scars. Is this ok andyone done it?
  7. wow, thanks guys, so many different regimens. One problem I live in Australia so half the stuff isnt avaliable to me. ANy Australia's out there who are clear using products from here. Thanks again guys
  8. Honestly how many ppl on here have got totally clear skin from using their or someones regimen????? I read so many post of ppl trying things but I wonder how many people have actually cleared up on anything, and is so I want to know what you used. I tried Dan's regimen it was ok not great, I'm using Botcheals right now its ok but I still have small bumps in my T- zone, which I never had before. and I really want to be 100% clear, My skin isn't even that bad, mild acne, which make up can pretty m
  9. Hey I started the Botchla regimen and unfortunatley I have broken out. Did this happen to anyone? I have got little pimples here and there annoying. How long does it usually take to settle down, its my birthday tomorrow and I was hoping to be clear for it. But hey. Has anyone actually got completely clear from this regimen, and stayed that way? how long did it take? and yer anyting else I should know.
  10. Hey I'm considering trying the Botchla regimen, but there isn't a moisturiser used and I have to moisturise otherwise my make up doesn't go on smoothly its gets all dry and crap. I was wondering anyone who has tried on is on the regimen if they used a moisturiser, if it distrubs the regimen, or what is a good one thats works well with the regimen. Thanks
  11. Does that really work? I'm afraid of a breakout
  12. I have been on the regimen for about 12 weeks now, and my skin was really clear in the first few weeks, but now its gone back to how it was before I started, it seems my skin has gotten use to it or something. SO I giving up, I only have mild acne and it couldn't even be cleared up. Does any know of any other regimen's I could try?????
  13. Hey, does anyone know if using a towel just for your face does any good?
  14. I rememeber reading about putting lemon juice in water and drinking it everyday but I can't remember what does it actually do for your skin??
  15. The cleanser is way harsher it contains BP 2.5% as well and the grains can irritate some ppls sikn. the toner dones't really do anything i don't think. The lotion is pretty good, but the fragance is so strong it can make you feel sick.