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  1. i guess this would be day 3... yay! still no new breakouts, all active acne is fading and is much less noticeable now. still have red marks though, i predict these will end up being my biggest problem. hopefully i can be doin good by this weekend when im goin to the movies with females.... :mrgreen:
  2. can longer hair cause acne? i a 15 year old male with longish hair (sexy long , not nasty long) and i was wondering if it could contribute to breakouts, i use no gel or any hair products and i wash my hair about twice a day maybe more. just wondering.
  3. good luck with the 'tane, i had a friend with severe acne you got put on it, now, a couple months later, he is totally clear!! sometimes i wish my acne was severe enough to get put on accutane just because i know it would totally clear me up! anyway, good luck and i hope you do well!!
  4. haha, thanks, i based my plan on TOTAL ACNE DESTRUCTION!!! mwahaha!! ehmm, sorry. but ya, surprisingly, my face is not dried out at all even with all this, even though i wouldnt suggest this to someone with sensitive skin, as i guess i just have tough skin that can take this intense bacteria warfare...
  5. woohoo! i just got back from looking in the mirror for pretty much the first time today, and was instantly thrown into diong a "my acne's going away!" dance! i dont have pictures right now, but i am only on my 2nd day of my new regimen. i am a 15 (almost 16) year old male, mild acne on cheeks (main), chin (little), above lip (little) and forehead(some). i have long hair, not bad long, good long, im not sure if that has to do with my forehead acne, but i have recently became passionate about gett
  6. used it for like, 2 days so far, workin good. definatly can ALREADY see a change. good product, doesnt irritate my skin really, and who cares what the company is? just make my face clearer dang it!!(which it does)
  7. i have been using this product for a few days now and have seen great improvements, with little irritation also, idk, maybe you people just have sensitive scin. i also use the praised/scorned combination of salicylic acid+BP but, its been workin good for me note SA in the form of stridex max strength pads.
  8. ya, i do treat my entire face, but now ive started having pimples on my neck (which ive never had before) and some pretty much right on my lip...
  9. alright, a few months ago i guess, i got what seemed to be a large pimple right in the middle of my upper lip, just above the lip itself that also seemed to maybe be as if there was a small hard something inside it. naturally, since i was new to acne at this time and it was very unsightly, i attempted to pop it . for a while this wouldnt work, until it finally did one day. i thought my problem was over. now, i have a large, red, and blackish in the middle. it has been there for a while now, an