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  1. When trying to get off bp, cold turkey is probably not the best option for many reasons. has anyone experimented with using less bp and substituting some of that bp with other products that could replace some of bp's functions? I'm thinking tea tree oil, triclosan (antibacterial), salicylic acid, among others.
  2. This is an interesting question that has come up many times before. I don't know of any formal studies about long term effects of bp that has addressed this but there always seems to be a large majority of people here that talk about bad breakouts when stopping. Obviously if someone's acne is cured they're unlikely to even be here so a poll isn't very indicative of anything but I admit that it is something I've found a bit disconcerting. Combine the above sentiments with the fact that it is a
  3. From my own experience over the course of a few years, I have tried but found little correlation. The key words are "little correlation"; I am moderately convinced that if it is done every day, it does contribute to a couple spots in my case. tbh I can not fathom why there could not be any connection. I feel the same way with diet. Skin has a certain balance of oil production, exfoliation, and other natural processes. Hormones control these and after sex or mb it has been shown that hormone lev
  4. Somewhat higher than the bp? I pay ~ 1.5x as much for my 4oz. moisturizer (aveeno ultra-calming) than the bp costs and i'd pay more for something with jojoba oil, doesn't have the heavy fragrance + other irritants, etc.
  5. I never would've thought I'd be this excited about a moisturizer! I wish for all to go well, it's great for someone with altruistic motives to be able to have these products developed for acne Big names always feel the need to include fragrances and other buzz-words/ingredients so people will pick it off the shelf... in addition, it seems they don't even put adequate R&D to develop products that are truely made for acne. In contrast, I know Dan and his formulators have put a lot of work in
  6. I've been using the aveeno ultra calming for about two weeks and it's been great so far. I'm really looking forward to the CSR moisturizer though - what is the latest word on it?
  7. Homeopathic acne medication is not too great of an idea. Tried a few and did very little if nothing positive to my skin. I tried 3 different kinds, one gave me HORRIBLLY dry skin and led to a huge breakout. Honestly I'm surprised it did that much, there isn't that much science backing homeopathic remedies it's based on small doses of the disease and something about spirits or whatever. Even if there are applications of it that seem to work, it's become sort of a buzzword (not popular in the US,
  8. Try it and see how your skin reacts. pay close attention even take pictures that will help. Personally, creatine had negative affects for my skin, but I don't seem to have trouble with whey protein, milk and such. Everybody's different good luck.
  9. You should always apply some moisturizer after using BP. I believe and have heard that it's most effective to use moisturizer maybe 10-15 minutes after. Maybe because any moisturizer is a little irritating so its best to wait for the bp to have already set before using anything else. However, I've had trouble finding a moisturizer that I really liked.. but anyway use one that is oil-free and non-comodegenic. Even if something doesn't clog your pores, the oil mixed in with acne bacteria will sti
  10. I would never wish acne on anyone, what if someone wished it on you in the first place? you'd just be continuing the cycle which is not cool
  11. acne has made me retarded. I haven't missed school all school year so far but I'm just a lot different than I was 2 years ago :/ and yea I've been, and still am a lot more self conscious during school. I feel so much better at home on the computer talking and hanging out that it's what I've grown more attached to lately and i wish it wasn't like that. I used to do really well in school, now I'm a junior in high school and just sort of looking at my 2.1 GPA and it gets me even more depressed that
  12. chlorine kills bacteria, which helps acne, actually works really good for some people they need a showerhead attachment or something but i don't know why it's helping but next day getting worse..
  13. Mdawg202

    white dots

    I used to know what it was called, and it's not acne, although a little similair. i guess the pores get clogged or something, and that happens, but you can see it's not really inflamed or nothing, because i don't think bacteria is involved. generally it goes away around mid 20's sort of like acne, and I've heard that treatment can be the right moisturizer, and if you scrub it really light like in the shower it can improve. don't quote me on any of that, because i'm not sure if that's it (i th
  14. might be a nodule, i've had them on my forehead and one under my eye once. they were really hard, doesn't seem like a pimple, yet it'a a little similair and seems like something's in there but deep... the one under my eye i got first, it went away, and so did the redness after a while but it was weird because it still felt something was under there, the second one was on my forehead and after a few days i just took a sharp needle too it and stuff leaked out a bit and went away a lot sooner the
  15. dang i just got done saying in another post how they were horrible for me... really dried out my skin bad and broke me out good luck though
  16. i like their bp, doesn't it have aloe in it? you wouldn't expect it, but the pills are what were really bad for me. not expecting it either, but they made my face dry and caused a big breakout on my jawline where the dryness was the worst. some strong stuff in there for sure, or there was a switch with accutane... so yea that's a warning if your face continues to be dry and stinging, to stop the pills and see what happens.
  17. after i workout, i run hot water for a few minutes so it will heat up and kill bacteria in the pipes (cause acne has made me paranoid like that), turn on cold water and dunk my head under. feels really good, you should try it
  18. yea, my skin gets dry and everything, but it seems all the moisturizers i use make it worse by breaking me out, and some don't even take te dryness away still trying the right one, maybe all the ones i've been using are just crap
  19. thanks for the reply man. looks good, I'll try it is this available at local drugstores? like walgreens, topps, etc.?
  20. something light, non greasy, definately non comodogenic, and works great. what do you use? i can't seem to find a good one..
  21. washing face not washing face using almost all moisturizers not using a moisturizer (dryness from stuff) i used to have a moisturizer that worked great, but can't find it no more, and everything else is breaking me out
  22. I'm closing in on 2 months with it, and any clearing of my skin is probably because of stopping tazorac (didn't want to wait 3 months just for disappointment, i just want a clear face, no marks and go back to regimen. i would do that now, but there's so much redness and spots that it will take a minimum of 6-7 months when using bp to go away, compared to a couple weeks red marks take to go away when not using bp
  23. I'm just glad i made it through elementary+middle school without acne. ruined almost 1 and a half years of highschool though. hoping i grow out of it, or find something that works to get rid of most of it asap