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    -Prevents/clears most of my breakouts -Has been the only medication that has actually helped me manage my acne -Only have to use once per day -Very costly without insurance ($280 for 45 grams) -Drying -Burns/stings sometimes, even after 4 years of use I've been using Differin 0.1% gel for about 4 years now, and although it has not completely cleared my acne, it has worked the best out of all the other products I've tried. I still get breakouts from time to time, and my skin i
  2. While I was in the process of calling different pharmacies to find a cheaper price for Differin, I was told it is now available in generic form. I've been using it for about 4 years now, and I've got to say, I was thrilled to hear that (I don't have insurance so it costs about $280 for 45 grams). I realize generic medications are held to the same standards as name brand, but with that said, I'm still feeling a little unsure about it. The active ingredient is the same, but I'm wondering if the so
  3. Eimile, I've been looking for the same thing--my summer moisturizer isn't enough anymore. My derm gave me CeraVe and Cetaphil to try and neither worked under make up
  4. I'd be curious to know the name of it, too. I was using Clinique's Advanced Concealer for awhile and it worked great but made me break out like crazy. Since I've stopped using it, I haven't had half of the problems I usually had.
  5. lu lu belle, I've been wanting to try cleansing oil for awhile now...I need something that will easily remove my foundation & powder. What brands do you know of besides MAC & Origins?
  6. I'm getting used to it Though I noticed I can't see my "Personal Photo" anymore. Is it just me?
  7. You look good in both sets of pictures, but I think you look much more polished and put together with make up You have beautiful teeth, by the way!
  8. I first choice would be OPI, followed by Sally Hansen "Salon". It's only $5, the colors are good, and it stays on, even without a base or top coat. I also like "Finger Paints" from Sally's (as someone already mentioned).
  9. Acne is much worse than braces, in my opinion. Braces hurt, are annoying, etc., but so many people have them that no one thinks anything of it anymore. I had braces for 3 years, and I hated every second, but once I got them off, I realized that it was 100% worth it. Braces are temporary, and will improve your appearance in the end...Whereas acne is just…acne. It sucks no matter how you look at it
  10. Hmm...What's wrong with Lipton Tea? Does anyone know? I usually buy their green tea (in the tea bags) and either drink it hot or ice it.
  11. aw thank you for the comment :D

  12. I wait atleast 5 minutes before putting on any foundation, sometimes longer depending on what moisturizer I'm using
  13. Just an update... This is the one I chose to go on my invitations: Surprisingly, my photographer said she didn't have to do much editing
  14. You could buy some inexpensive white pillow cases to use while you're using BP. Or, put another pillow case over your good ones (though I've found this doesn't always work and seems kind of silly anyhow). I suppose you could sleep on a towel or something, too, but that's very scratchy on the face.