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  1. This contains sulfates which could aggravate the problem further. It's actually very gentle and pH balanced which is important. The main thing is that you don't continue using it month after month. Using it for a week at a time then taking a break and only using it if a flare up comes will not aggravate the problem. It hasn't had ANY irritation on me at all. Another thing with SD is that you need a fairly thorough cleanser to get the job done. Read up on it, you need a strong clean
  2. Hi all, just wanted to share what has worked for me. I've been cleansing with DERMAdoctor Born to be Mild. It has 2% Zinc pyrithone in it, which is supposed to kill seb derm fungus. I use it once a day, at night. It has reduced flaking quite a bit and as long as my dead skin levels are down, my skin ends up being very smooth and healthy looking. I also moisturize with Cetaphil Lotion, just because it's really the only thing I've found to reduce flakes substantially without drying me out in
  3. I think most people who have come to these forums and who have eczema have tried to use moisturizer and sunscreen. That's kind of rude of you to say it's that easy, I think that's the first thing most people try. People who really do have these conditions usually need more relief than that and how are they "rare" exactly? Look at the number of people who suffer from eczema and the many forms of dermatitis. I've run into countless people here with the above listed skin conditions and they've trie
  4. I'm sure this has been brought up before but I really think there should be a forum for skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea and just general dry skin problems. There's one for oily skin but not dry skin, unless I'm missing something. There's also one for rosacea and I see a lot of dermatitis/eczema posts in the rosacea forums and although a few of the symptoms are the same, they are not the same thing. Maybe just make a general "Dermatitis" forum where all of these are included? T
  5. I know how you feel about the tight/cracked skin, I've had it for 6 months now. Sometimes moderate-severe and sometimes mild-moderate, but it's always there. It's taking its toll on me and I really miss my skin functioning properly. The other ingredients in the shampoo may have irritated your skin. There are ketoconazole creams out there that are made more for the face rather than the hair/scalp line. I am tempted to try an anti-fungal prescription but I'm hesitant. I'm experimenting with thin
  6. Pretty much the same exact experience I've had, almost down to every detail. One thing I did recently was stopping using anything for a while to see what would happen and while I didn't break out, the dead/dry skin was absolutely excessive. I ended up washing my face with a very gentle scrub and proceeded to scrape the dead skin off with my fingernails. Not the best method but I was desperate and frustrated. This left my skin very red and irritated, so I applied aloe vera gel on it. It was certa
  7. So I'm a bit less than a week into this regimen and I gave my skin a break from everything for about 5 days. When I washed my face, I had so much dead skin on my face that I couldn't take it anymore so I kind of scraped it off with my fingernails. This left my skin very red and irritated so I put a little aloe vera(from Aubrey Organics) on my face and it calmed it down. The next day my skin actually looked really good and I have no breakouts from it.. My marks seemed a little more pronounced but
  8. My marks don't seem to be leaving any time soon, with or without products. Sometimes they are very "calmed down" and look faded and almost blend in and sometimes they stand out a lot. This partially has to do with things like sun exposure, irritation and hot and cold weather. I know they'll fade eventually so my main issue now is keeping away the mask of dry/dead skin and limiting irritation. My only real breakouts ever seem to come from irritation, I just need to leave my skin alone and let it
  9. day 4 on this regimen... Limited irritation has calmed my skin tone somewhat but the dead/dry skin mask has given me a pretty dull complexion. My skin is very "dead" and dull looking, almost a yellowish pale white, whereas I'm naturally pretty tan. I think this should subside within a week or 2. Gonna hang in there. Also, new small breakout could be coming on chin, haven't gotten one here for many months. Other than that, no active acne other than a few tiny whiteheads. My hyperpigmentation/redm
  10. yepican - I am not taking any supplements and weather here is actually pretty humid right now, which is why I don't understand the excessive dryness. My diet is good for the most part but diet doesn't play a huge role in my breakouts. Even when I have switched to very strict dietary rules, I still have fairly shitty skin. I do see some improvement on skin tone and dryness if I eat lots of greens, so I'll keep that up. I was thinking of taking fish oil for the dryness but I think I'll wait on tha
  11. Maybe this regimen isn't for people with very dry skin.. Or maybe I just need to give it more time.. How do you guys deal with excessive dryness? I feel like leaving my skin tight, dry and flaky isn't doing it any good. At the same time, I don't feel like products are helping all that much in the long term, though they may temporarily reduce dryness to an extent. I just don't wanna have to depend on them every day, I want my skin to be able to moisturize and take care of itself like it used to.
  12. So I'm definitely a proponent of this regimen, or any regimen with a minimalist approach to skin care when it comes to layering on products and focusing more on diet and lifestyle decisions. My only problems with this regimen are the factors of dead skin buildup and dryness. The dryness worries me more than anything. Continuously dry skin can really damage the skin over time so I usually end up going back to moisturizing a few weeks into this regimen because the flakiness gets ridiculous to th
  13. Bump for anyone that didn't see this - would like to hear from more people.
  14. Wasn't sure where to post this but I feel like it'll get the most attention here. I was just wondering what time of the year do people see their skin improve? I feel that mid-late Spring is the best for me where it's starting to get humid but not too humid. I usually clear up around this time and also for some reason my marks heal better and my skin tone looks better. Probably because my skin dries out and gets damaged in the winter so I consider Spring/Summer as "healing time".. Anyway, I am v
  15. I like that site a lot, I seem to end up there every time I search for a food's benefits. I always google things like "avocado benefits" for instance and always go there.. I've pretty much read their entire list of healthy foods and find it really helpful and interesting.