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  1. The ingredient Alcohol is definitely not helping with healing. Alcohol is a skin irritant and causes free radical damage, just dont use it on skin.
  2. See the thing is, I have blackheads and acne. BP won't clear up blackheads, and the BHA wont clear up acne by itself. There is some research that shows that BHA actually helps the absorption of BP. I DO find it irritating if I layer them too quickly (BHA always first). But if I give a good amount of time in between and its doing good. The Aloe Vera I found on Puritan vitamins. Its not too expensive.
  3. I put on the BP about 30 minutes after the BHA and it is not irritating!! I just make sure the BHA is completely dry and absorbed.
  4. Morning: Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser Paula's Choice Extra Strength Blemish Fighting Solution Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Moisturizer (OR Nivea Sensitive Lotion SPF 4) Night: Purpose Cleanser Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel Daniel Kern's 2.5% BP Cetaphil Moisturizer mixed with Jojoba mixed with Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera (warning with this, this moisture combo makes skin shiny so don't plan on going out afterward, but helps with healing time!) Shave: Every Man Jack Shave Gel, Sensitive
  5. Those ingredients look good to me. Here is a list of some of the most common skin irritants in skincare products: Alcohols: Ethanol, denatured alcohol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, isopropyl, and SD alcohol should all be avoided. (Exceptions: Alcohols like cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, arachidyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are all fatty alcohols and perfectly safe for your skin.) Citrus juices and oils Clove Eucalyptus Feverfew Fragrance (may be listed as "Parfum") Ginger Grapefruit Horsetai
  6. More isn't necessarily better. Um, no, more BP is what made Daniel Kern clear. Your skin gets used to the BP, so after awhile you have to pile it on. Trust me, it is working for me as I speak.
  7. Don't pop or pick, that can lead to red spots that will last for months or permanent scarring. The BP is gonna be your best friend in defeating acne. It is incredibly useful is preventing acne, so use it anywhere you often break out. Also if you start to get frustrated that the BP isn't working well enough USE MORE. Just pile it on and you will see results.
  8. Don't starve yourself for acne. Also try Paula's Choice products. I've been pitching them a lot because they absolutely saved my skin. A dermatologist once prescribed me clindamycin too (along with three other medications), but it didn't work. Then I tried Paula's Choice and was 50% clear within 3 days.
  9. Maria, First, stress can't overpower proper skin care. Whiteheads die easily with some salicylic acid. Try Paula's Choice 2% BHA Lotion (or Gel). Also, telling someone to not get stressed is like telling someone to not think of a white bear, they are going to worry about getting stressed, which is not fun. Who cares if you have a few whiteheads? Personality ALWAYS overpowers acne. I have dated the three hottest girls in my life while I was broken out because I am calm and confident. Fuck acne
  10. There is a lot wrong with this article.
  11. salicylic acid will help prevent ingrown hairs
  12. Andrew, Breaking out can be caused by a lot of things so it might not necessarily be your Jergens. If you really have faith in the product, then keep it. I didn't notice an SPF rating on the Jergens. Make sure to wear an SPF 15 or above everyday while on Accutane. Sun exposure without protection can irritate the skin to the point of break-out. Adam, Your list is ok, but there are some problems. Petrolatum is actually very good for skin. Pore-clogging cannot be measured, everyone has diffe
  13. Paula's Choice cleansers are all superior. Just try a sample.
  14. I've never heard of this "Life brand" but the Jergens natural glow line looks pretty harmless, just glancing at the ingredients. It is really up to how it sits on your skin and personal preference. Anyone else? I will definitely answer any product problem questions!
  15. Here is a list of the most common skin irritants. Skin irritation leads to redness, breakouts, and damage down the line. The following products appear in a LOT of Clearasil, Clean & Clear, and Neutrogena products. Avoid these to have better looking, healthier skin! I bolded all of the incredibly common ingredients. -Alcohols. Ethanol (grain alcohol), denatured alcohol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, isopropyl, and SD alcohol should be avoided. (Exceptions: Ingredients like cetyl alcohol, myrist
  16. Paula's Choice. All the dermatologists prescribed me completely screwed up my skin. Paula's Choice really saved it, I saw results after the samples. You should check them out and at least get samples.
  17. I would try 2% BHA Liquid from Paula's Choice. It exfoliates within the pore and will rid you of those blackheads quickly.
  18. It might be a reaction to a badly-formulated shaving cream, try a frangrance-free sensitive skin shaving cream, like Aveeno or Every Man JackShave Gel.
  19. Two words: Paula's Choice. Try Paula's Choice. I had a dermatologist prescribe me 4 things at once and it ruined my skin. PC saved it.
  20. Try paulaschoice.com Paula's Choice has superior products and the best part is you can buy samples in case you find out you don't like them. They also have a lot of other acne products which are well-formulated and just good for the skin in general.
  21. exactly how i felt for awhile... CRAZY... But for some hope for you guys, I do feel my former self coming back, slowly but surely, the key is don't fret about it, and don't back away from social exposure! You are gonna fail a lot of times before you find your old knack and that is ok.
  22. Do Salicylic Acid in the morning and leave it on, do glycolic acid at night and leave that on too... And what cetaphil are you using? The "gentle Cleanser" is bad... use the cleanser for normal/oily skin, that is better
  23. Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid by far, not just because of the ingredients, but also because they make sure to keep the pH really low (like mid 3's) to ensure good exfoiliation
  24. I think that acnefree BP has a really bad preservative in it that is not good for your skin