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  1. Definitely. You're a guy so makeup won't matter, never wear it when tanning cuz it bakes into your skin. Also, i tan often, and I have a very very mild bacne problem (few spots) but I hate them! Tanning completely covers them for me. If your worried about your face when using BP and tanning, its not a big deal, I just wouldn't recommend slathering it on before you go. If you put it on a few hours before it should be fine. I always wash my face before tanning because I wear makeup over my BP, and
  2. The same things happen to me, when I get out of the shower obviously, and when I come home from being out for a few hours. I dont really think it gets worse in a few hours, it might just get irritated, and the lifting your doing only affects this because maybe your shirt is rubbing and irritating it?
  3. I use Panoxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide and I think its working.. give it a try. Use it in a smaller strength, like 5%, because 10% is very drying.
  4. I think I have really sensitive skin, whenever I itch AT ALL, ANY PLACE I seem to get a 'hive' or something, a red itchy bump that goes away after a day, or if I itch my chest even a little, i get a small zit there or something, and the redness doesn't go away for days. Is there anything I can use to stop my skin from being so sensitive?
  5. cold water and toothpaste HONESTLY i had a bloody nose once, all over my jeans and i went into the bathroom and blotted it with really cold water and toothpaste, then i rubbed it and it all came out
  6. My bacne isn't that bad, as in its not huge cysts or anything, and OCCASIONALLY i'll get like, a moderate sized zit. I know people such as myself take that for granted and I'm really not trying to make a big deal about it, its just irritating when its in between not noticeable and noticeable! So close but so far away sort of thing?
  7. Hellllo I've had acne and body acne for seven years, since I started my period. My bacne has never been horrible but in the past year it's gotten worse. I'm currently using Diffrein on my face and Clindamycin gel also, but I have only been on this prescription for 11 days. It made me break out initially. Also, I've been using Panoxyl 10% bar in the shower once or twice a day and it made me all red and itchy, but it didn't make my back red or itchy. I have really sensitive skin, but my back skin