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  1. So I decided to take vitamin d3 (4000iu) for the first time last week and got the beginnings of 2 new cysts the day after. I stopped for a few days as a result. But then I decided to try it again to test if it was really the cause... and low and behold, 2 new cysts arrived the day after that! Can vitamin d3 really cause a reaction this quickly? I know it can increase testosterone levels. Has anyone else had this reaction? All I see is good things online.
  2. I think it is also giving me cystic acne. I took it one day for the first time ever and got 2 cysts the next day. So I decided to give it a rest for a few days... Then in order to test it, I tried it again for another 2 days and have got 2 further cystic breakouts. I’ve read that vitamin d3 increases testosterone levels so can this be the cause after taking just one (4000iu) tablet? I can barely find anything online about vitamin d3 actually causing acne...
  3. It was a non-ablative fractional laser at 1100-something wavelength. I don't have before photos but there was minimal shallow indented scarring on forehead and cheeks that has been made a lot worse after these treatments. See photos attached. I didn't realise the extent of my forehead scarring until I took this photo in really harsh light. Pretty horrified about it... The scars appeared last month and have gradually been getting worse. I've got a consultation this Thursday to dis
  4. Within the past month, I've experienced indented scarring (boxcar and rolling) appearing all over my face after several fractional laser treatments. It's been 2 months since my last session and I had a total of 2 sessions. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm really hoping they don't get much worse but I feel like they are getting deeper by the day. My anxiety is going through the roof... I feel like my life is on hold as it's completely out of my control. Am I right in thinking subc
  5. Hi there, Not sure if you’ll see this but I was wondering how you‘ve been getting on with the subcision with Dr Anil and it’s progress with your scars? I’m thinking of going with either him or Dr Somji at medispa, can’t quite decide. I don’t suppose anyone on this forum has had subcision with Dr Somji?
  6. Thanks – it would be good to hear how you get on in the next few days and weeks. Good luck with your progress. I'm going to book my consultation soon and most likely with Dr Anil also.
  7. Ok thanks for the info. Seems like cannula is the way to go. Just wondering, do you plan to do more subcision treatments? And are you happy with the progress so far?
  8. Really appreciate the speedy reply hsd87. Interesting to hear medispa don't use fillers. And I'll take on board that cannula is recommended – I've heard that is the preferred one on this forum. Which fillers did you get? And did you experience any lumps deformity (that's what I'm slightly concerned about)? I assume you have rolling scars? I'm currently weighing up whether to go with Dr Anil or Medispa. But now that you said they don't offer fillers... I'm not sure I have a choice anym
  9. I’ve read so many mixed things online so I wasn’t sure. I was also in a bit of a panicked state when writing that post. But I’m definitely not going to take that risk now, I’m potentially look at Dr Somji at MediSpa (London) instead. Has anyone used him?
  10. Hi there, I was wondering how your treatment was in the end? Sorry to bring up this old post, but would be very grateful to hear what you thought.
  11. Hey there, I was wondering if you ever went for the subcision procedure at this place? I’m currently looking into this clinic as a possibility for the exact same scarring you have. Would really love to hear from your experience!