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  1. This is my 11th day. Things are going better than the 9th day. The couple of small pimples dried out except for a relatively medium sized pimple on the left cheek that has been there since 2 days already. I hope I won't get this horrible initial breakout that I got 3 years ago. Anyhow. is there anyway I can dry the pimple on my left cheek quickly?
  2. Thank you very much for the info. But what moisturizer do you recommend?
  3. This is my 10th day and I just put some nivea at places that look dry (nose, near mouth). Is this enough? My cheeks look a bit red though. What does a moisturizer really do in this case? Which one would you recommend?
  4. I must say that I'm on my 10th day and my sex drive is "completely" down. I guess it will remain so till the end of my course.
  5. This is something very normal. I never had acne on my left cheek forf 3 yrs but now I just got 2. I'm on the 10th day of Isotretinoin product. Just be patient. It sometimes takes till the very end of the course to kill all the acne. I've been through this in 2005.
  6. Photos taken on the 23rd of March 2008: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...i&img=28265 I am a 20 yr old male. I took 2 courses of Roaccutane when I was 16 and 17. My acne was moderate and turned a bit severe when I was 17. After my first course was over, things looked great. Months later, Acne showed up again on my face and back. So I took my second course where things worsened in the beginning. I encountered severe breakouts on my cheeks. Positive results showed up only by the
  7. If the fan of your laptop is noisy, it means a cyst is on its way.
  8. Breathing solely from the nose causes pimples on the forehead. On the other hand, breathing solely from the mouth causes cysts on the cheeks. I guess we should find a way to breath simultaneously from the nose and mouth to end our miseries.
  9. I think I will stick with weight lifting without taking protein milk shake until I'm done. Thanks for the info.
  10. I took accutane at 16 turned 17 while on accutane. Grew an inch from 5"8 to 5"9. I dont think it really stunts your growth.
  11. My dermatologist wanted to give me roaccutane at the age of 15 saying: "Well I think you are tall enough so I will prescribe you roaccutane." My mother refused until one year later. So I assume it may stop growth in a way or another.
  12. I will be starting my body building course this week and I am considering taking proteins to build up my muscles more efficiently. I am afraid this would affect my body negatively since i'm on Accutane? What do you think ?
  13. Natural tanning has always improved my acne on my face and back whether I was on Roaccutane or not. In summer, my acne is always reduced thanks to tanning. During this ski season, I wasn't on Roaccutane, but the tanning improved my acne a lot. I don't put a sunblock and in case i do then I put a very limited quantity. I never had problems with tanning whatsoever. BUT REMEMBER, every skin reacts differently to everything inculding tanning.
  14. Well by today I would be completing my first week on Isosupra and I must say things are going great and much better than Roaccutane. I don't really know if this is related to the fact that it is my 3rd time and the fact that my acne is relatively less intense then my first 2 times or it is related to Isosupra itself. My lips and face dried well already which is a good sign that the drug is functioning well. As a result, I am using a Nivea moisturizer. As for other symptoms, I must say that ther
  15. Hello, I am a 20 year old male who has experienced acne since the age of 13. I used to treat acne with Benzamycin at the age of 15 - 16 that didn't seem too effective back then. At that time, the intensity of my acne started to increase significantly on my face (only cheeks) and back. So I had no other choice but Roaccutane. I took it at the age of 16 for about 4 months with the required dosage in relation with my weight. After the 4 months were over, my acne cleared up completely. My face seem