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  1. Hi All, I'm in the process of trying to find a foundation that is better for my skin. Have any of the girls/woman tried Cover Girl Ultimate Finish? It says its a foundation, concealer and powder in one. It also claims to be Non-Acnegenic, and says 'it won't clog pores'. I would like some feedback if anyone has tried it/still uses this type. Thanks!
  2. I just purchased Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Cleanser. I hope it helps with the dryness. Has anyone tried this particular cleanser?
  3. Hi All, I have been experimenting trying to find the right facial cleanser/make-up remover. I began using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (supposedly recommended by derms). Anyway, after using it twice daily, my face began drying up very badly. I began using extra-mild facial moisturizer, and that STILL didn't help. After discontinuing using the Neutrogena, my dryness subsided. I {STUPIDLY} used a small dab of it today, and once again, my face is horribly dry. The moisturizer is not helping at al
  4. Hi All, I apologize if this has been asked before... What will Neosporin Silicon Scar Sheets do for acne scars (i.e. ice pick, small scars)? Has anyone tried them on the face? Will they harm pimples if placed over them? I have a box and I was thinking of using them on my face. Thanks!
  5. Nope, I certainly haven't tried to pop it. In fact, I'm so scared of getting MORE SCARS, I avoid scratching my face, even touching it more than necessary.
  6. Hi All, My apologies if this question has been asked before: I have a zit on my right cheek that has gone down a bit by using BP. However, now there is a dark brown/almost black 'cast' or 'lining' around it, even over the zit! What could be causing this? Is it going to scar?
  7. Hi All, I just saw a commercial for this kit on t.v. The kit apparently has two steps involved. Has anyone tried these 'at home kits?' Do they work? How expensive are they? Are there as many risks involved as there are with actual {micro} dermabrasion? Any insight/prior experience would be helpful!
  8. Hi All, Today when I was putting on my makeup, I noticed that on my right cheek, I have these little hollow marks right in the middle. They don't really look like scars, but what else could they be? They are not red, and appear to have improved once I put my makeup on. I haven't had pimples in that area of my face in quite some time, but I'm scared that I have developed more scars. AGHHH!
  9. I have to agree with the other people who have posted: consider yourself VERY LUCKY, as blackheads are VERY treatable (although I have also struggled with those little guys). I am pretty fortunate, I suppose. I am 20 and only have a few pimples on my cheeks, as well as blackheads on my nose/surrounding cheeks. Anyway, follow the suggestions, and whatever you choose to buy, DO NOT PICK AT THE BLACKHEADS!
  10. Well, let me say: I have them all over my nose and cheeks. I have tried squeezing them: NOPE, still there. I tried Biore, then Pond's Pore Clearing Strips: NOPE, still there. I tried Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub: NOPE, still there. I have pretty much accepted these little jerks will always be there. I don't want to pop them anymore because I can't take anymore scars on my face.
  11. Hi All, I use 10% Benzyl Peroxide (Clearasil) for a few zits on the face/neck. I know I have to gradually increase usage because I couldn't find a lower concentration (5% or 1%). My question is, is it normal to have small, dry patches surrounding the area the BP was applied on? Will these little patches of slightly peeling skin go away? I have decided to not apply the Clearasil for a few days to see if these little guys go away .
  12. Hi All, I have a question. I use Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Concealer (it also has 1% salicylic acid). Anyway, will it cause pimples to scar if I rub it in TOO HARD? I don't really press on my skin THAT hard, but I make sure it is rubbed in good enough.
  13. I also have those! They are small, skin colored bumps on my CHEEKS, but they are painless. Actually, my dad told me they were probably caused by heat, it being summer and all. I'm not sure, though.