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  1. I just read you log. I hope you continue to see results and your face only does one thing from this point on- improve. I too hate those pimples between the eys. lol.
  2. That is something that i am curious about actually. They say u have 2 months if not refrigerated. Well this is my first time using it and I don't know if i will have more left after two months. I wonder if after 2 months it doesn't work well at all, or it just is slightly less effective. Because if it is only slightly less effective, then I still will use it. It isn't that cheap where I can just throw it away with half a tube left and not care. I also wonder if within these two months if U can
  3. Do you use the duac twice a day or only once? Do you use a moisturizer with it as well? And do you apply it only to new pimples or to all areas? Thanks.
  4. I have been using Benzamycin for at least the past 2 years. It is (3% erythromycin and 5% bp) However, it has to be refrigerated and with Summer here, I want something I don't have to refrigerate. I asked for Benzaclin (1%clindamycin and 5% bp) but my dermatologist prescribed duac instead and prefers that over benzaclin. Duac has the same two main ingredients as benzaclin, doesn't have to be refrigerated as well, and is a new drug (at least in the Us) Have any of you used it before or know anyth
  5. I had wheat bread for lunch the past two days. it's fine. It certainly is better than white bread and really I don't think will cause you to breakout at all.
  6. Does anyone know anything about this treatment? I was looking at the website and it seems very promising. the address is http://reversion.com/
  7. I have been using a moistorizer(cleocin T) and then benzamycin. my dermatologist says to use the moistorizer first, I have noticed that other people here have said to do it the oher way. Any thoughts?
  8. it is all interesting stuff but i wonder how effective it really is.
  9. well i just came back from genovese,duane reed,and waldbaums to look for the neutrogena on the spot acne treatment. i saw 2 of them one vanishing cream, the other tinted? Anyway the prices ranged from 6.79 to 6.99 in all three stores. I thought it was kinda expensive since the prescription stuff i use is about 20 bucks although it would be over 140 if i didn't have a plan. anyway i thought i remembered seeing the neutrogena for like 4.99 a few months back in another store and so i have decided t
  10. Now that summer is here, I will find myself away from home more often and won't be able to use the benzamycin (5%bp, 3%erthroymcin) all the time because i can't refrigerate it. So i was wondering if it would be okay to use something that i cna bring with me in a tube that doesn'tneed to be refrigerated like the neutrogena stuff with 2.5% bp. Would there be a problem with just using this ocasionally when i can't take my other stuff with me? Thanks.
  11. yea none of the antibiotics should have that effect.
  12. I just took a look at the benzyamycin and it specifically says benzoyl peroxide 5 %. And it is working fairly well, i mean my face is not really clear but i have a lot of redmarks. I have a different question anyway. If i were to use the nuetrogena on the spot treatment would i sill have to put that on areas that do not have pimples but could at anytime develop pimples or would i just use it on current pimples?
  13. I am 17. I have i guess moderate acne. My left side of my face seems to be the worst right now. My forehead, nose, chin, and right side seem to be ok other than numerous red marks and a few pimples but nothin that terrible. Anyway i am currently on minocycline and started about 2 months ago with 50 mgs. I just last tuesday took it upon myself to up the dosage to 100 mgs 2 times a day. Anyway i feel that my regiment is essentially similar to the regiment that is advocatedon this site. let me ex