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  1. check your sleep. are you getting quality sleep? do you feel refreshed when you wake up? Maybe go to sleep earlier. Try all natural products as far as shampoo, toothpaste and cleanser. heck you might want to try just using water. many people have hard water which causes soap or cleanser to leave a residue on the face which blocks pores. if you must use a cleanser, use cotton balls soaked with water to wipe down the skin afterwards then wash your face with just water. use 20% glycolic pads twice
  2. i would try possibly subcicsion and fillers. search fillers for acne scars on google. i won't say whether to do permanent fillers, semi permanent or temporary. that's for you to decide after doing research but fillers may help plump up the scars. i'm actually looking at doing juvaderm and seeing how that plays out before even considering semi permanent or possibly permanent (bellafill)
  3. you mentioned diy microneedling, what size needles did you use?
  4. Lasers are a bridge you might cross later but i always believe in starting with less invasive treatments. You have very nice skin and with full face laser you're bringing everything to bear against unscarred skin let alone scars. If you ever decide to go with a laser, spot treat an area first to see how you react. You have light skin so you have that in your favor when it comes to lasers. Check out Don'tgiveupitsonlyscars...her thread is on page 1 and she has similar light skin to yours. Sh
  5. It doesn't look deep to me but I think improving the redness would go a long ways to improving the appearance. That'll come with time but can be improved with vitamin c topicals, chemical peels. You might want to look into 20% glycolic pads. They sell some at Wal Mart. Maybe use those twice a week. Now as far as the hyaluronic acid and vitamin c serums. That may be true to an extent. It might not work for older scars or ice pick scars but that's not the case with you. I wish I knew about a
  6. You have a couple things going for you, youth and the fact that those are fresh scars (within 1 year). I would: 1. Get subcision, possibly fillers. find a good doctor that does this. 2. Get good nutrients that will aid and assist healing. Take in a very healthy diet. You want amino acids such as proline, glycine, lysine....meats, asparagus, mushrooms, cabbage to name a few. You want zinc, vitamin b, vitamin c (try taking vitamin c Ester supplements. You want Ester not regular vitamin C
  7. I believe they will develop a filler consisting of your stem cells that when injected will program the chain reaction that leads to collagen synthesis. It is a matter of time. It won't be developed with acne scars in mind, oh no, for you see that isn't the big moneymaker. It will be an anti aging with acne scars being a peripheral beneficiary. Right now they are building entire organs straight from scratch via stem cells. Building collagen is child's play.
  8. I would try subcision and a deeper laser than YAG. or maybe subcison + Genius RF.
  9. It's really hard to say about the collagen pills. i only started it recently and i'm taking so many pills that it's hard to single out which one would be effective. I have heard nothing but good reviews about these pills whatever that's worth. And i really want to try that tazarotene. The crazy thing is that i'm 40 freaking years old! Acne should have been over and done with long time ago!
  10. Wow the detail in preparation is amazing! Really is. I'm taking proline, glycine and lysine (amino acids related to collagen synthesis), ester vitamin c, zinc, msm, hyaluronic acid, vitamin b12 and vitamin d. I was taking vitamin e but just had subcision with Dr. Rullan and had to stop because it may cause excess bleeding and more bruising. I was also taking collagen pills but didn't realize that it had vitamin e in it until after i had my subcision. stupid me, that's probably why i'm still brui
  11. I had subcision with rullan and my swelling lasted about 10 days. If you just had it done 3 days ago there most definitely will still be swelling from the sub.
  12. Thank you for that. Very useful information. It's very interesting that you stopped with the vitamin supplements. i have like 8 different pills i'm taking so yes right now i'm the proverbial pill popper.
  13. Looks really good! How is your diet and are you taking any supplements for healing?
  14. we can create entire organs from scratch. creating collagen that will plump up your scars and offer a permanent result shouldn't be that difficult in comparison.
  15. apparently this woman had some good results from dr hazany