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  1. Yes, here’s an after with filler this is just the right side
  2. Can you please re-post the link to wherever it is that you feel comfortable showing photos? How did you find a doctor willing to do 500 micron ?
  3. when you got Taylor done did you look like the girl on IG, with big swollen cheeks? How long were you swollen? also are there any scars left over from the entry point of the sub s instrument? That link to contact you doesn’t work it just takes you to the Taylor page
  4. I think they are just afraid of complications in general when you blast somebody’s face with laser you just never know what you’re going to get, I am willing to try RF micro needling, sub s and TCA one more time and then move onto the harder laser work. Dr. Lim has also said that lasers will not treat deep acne scars which I definitely have which is another reason I am doing RF first. By the way where are your before and after pics? If you got such great results from Taylor and laser ca
  5. Ok methods are great but you need to go to drs who know how to do the treatments correctly, otherwise you might as well not bother. Can you message me instead? I’m really interested in what you have to say, just trying to understand your point of view
  6. So which doctors have you seen? I have done the research and I am more than willing to listen to what anybody has to say, what procedures have you had? I’m not afraid to go do the hard work if I have to, I know my skin is far from where it could be but this is literally year one of procedures, that’s it and I think it’s still pretty good improvement so far
  7. I do follow her on IG but we cannot go by her results anytime soon she is still swollen and probably will be for many months. Taylor might be a last ditch resort for somebody not the first option in my opinion.
  8. Laughable? My skin has come a long way from where it’s been, I’m not sure comments like these are helping anyone. And why should we take your advice about Taylor?
  9. I will soon! ☺️ Atrophic scarring will always benefit from filler, it literally replaces the missing fat in your face that the scarring permanently took away from you Thank you ! Yes I plan on probably doing one more of these and then possibly moving on to laser work. And yes retinol is a must
  10. Not sure exactly but probably every two years or so. Taking my own photos is harder to do since these were taken at drs office, but I’ll try to get some new ones
  11. I’ll try and post a recent photo of it, but if you have atrophic scarring especially you will need filler, dr. Weiner will tell you what kind he thinks you need everyone is different. I can’t remember what I have. Yes absolutely much better with it because I literally had chunks of fat missing because of the scars. Obviously your body cannot replace that so I needed it badly. Unfortunately that will be something I will have to maintain the rest of my life
  12. Well I’m leaving that up to everyone to decide based on these photos but yes I have definitely seen dramatic improvement. I still will have to probably have laser work in the future though
  13. Yes about that, but the last one was a little bit longer because of Covid, about five months
  14. Just wanted to show my progress made in one year. I started last December with Dr Weiner and this is a before and after of only three treatments. These last pictures were taken right before my fourth and I plan on going at least once more. Each time we did subscion, tca, rf microneedling. This last visit we added filler in my right cheek (not pictured)