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  1. I don't really have anything about your regimen, but your username has totally got me craving Mr. Kiplings! I live in the U.S. and they are so hard to come by! Good luck with your battle with acne! Nothing over-the-counter was working for me so I went to the dermatologist and they prescribed me like 4 things and now my acne is practically gone.
  2. Well I am now using Benprox face wash instead of the Benziq. I ran out of the samples of Benziq that my doc gave me and when I got my rx filled they gave me Benprox, which judging by the price is a generic form. I broke out the first couple days using it, but now I am doing good again.
  3. No more problems with the Duac! It went away after about a week.
  4. Hey, congratulations, I'm excited for you! I'm on a similar regimen as you, except I take an oral antibiotic instead of a topical one, and I don't use a medicated face wash. But it's BP in the morning and a retinoid at night. I am soooo optimistic. I hope I have the success you have! i hope you have great success with your regimen! I am on an oral antibiotic as well as the topical creams. I am taking Adoxa 150 mg, which it pretty much doxycycline. I went away for the weekend for Easter a
  5. I am amazed! All I have left are a few bumps on my forehead and red spots left from previous pimples. Now I just have to figure out how I can get rid of those red spots! I have to say that I started this regimen with a very skeptical attitude! I have tried so many things to help with my acne and nothing had worked. I was sure this wasn't going to either, but it has! I definitely recommend these products to anyone battling moderate acne!
  6. I am on Adoxa a.k.a. Doxycycline 150mg and I have noticed a difference within the first couple of weeks. I didn't get an initial breakout, in fact it stopped an initial breakout from the topical gels i have also been prescribed. You can take birth control pill, but it might render them ineffective in preventing pregnancy. You can drink in moderation as well. I drink about 2 drinks a week and I haven't seen any bad effects, I am sure that if you drink a few more drinks than me then you should be
  7. I am on Adoxa right now and I love it, but I heard you can only be on it for a little while. What happens after you are taken off? Are you put on another antibiotic? or just don't take anything? Thanks for any replies!!!
  8. Saw my mom today for first time since starting my regimen. She could not believe the change in such a short time! It was a little weird that she kept staring at my face, but at least it was for a good reason! She kept commenting how good it was looking! I am really glad that this regimen is working and so fast!! I definitely recommend these medicines to anyone!
  9. Same here. I use a buff puff to take off some of the dry skin. Its getting better now. It doesn't sting as much and its not as dry. I am planning to use a moisturizing mask tonight and see if that helps some more. Good luck!! I am already seeing an improvement after a week! I am so happy!
  10. I think you are having a reaction to one of the products! The swelling is not normal. As for a moisturizer I use Cetaphil and I like it. It is a little greasy, but it goes on so nicely and my dermatologist recommended it. You shouldn't have any problem using mineral makeup. As long as you wash it off at night and don't wear it when you are working out. Good luck! I just started a new regimen, more intense than yours, and have already seen results after a week. I went to the dermatologist and h
  11. I only feel the stinging and burning when I put the lotion on over it, but already it is not so bad. My Duac is 5% BP, so its not as strong as yours either. Good luck on a clearer face!
  12. Already I am seeing a difference! It is great! The little bumps are disappearing, but I still have a few whiteheads and of course the red spots left from past pimples. It is dryer and flaky, but thats to be expected. I am thinking of putting a moisturizing mask on tonight to try and lessen the dryness. I'm not sure I like the Benziq. It is really drying out my lips. The Duac is what is causing the dryness, since I only have it bad during the day. The Tazorac is great! It doesn't dry my skin out
  13. I went to the dermatologist for the first time (after trying everything out there for acne that does not require a prescription) and he prescribed me Adoxa, Tazorac cream, Duac gel, and Benziq face wash. Here is what I do every day! Morning: Benziq face wash Duac gel Cetaphil lotion Makeup Night: Adoxa Benziq face wash Cetaphil lotion Tazorac cream So do you think it will work? I have been battling acne for ~8 years now and want it gone for good!!!
  14. My dermatologist put me on Benziq face wash as well as some other things. My lips are always dry and funny feeling after using it. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks!
  15. I was prescribed Duac for my acne to use in the morning. I put it on before my lotion, but it really stings and burns!!! Is it ok to put it on after I put my lotion on? I use Tazorac at night and you are supposed to put it on after the lotion. ♥Thanks!! P.S. What are your experiences with Duac? Did it work?