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  1. In Febuary I was eating a piss load of peanut butter. Every night before bed, I would eat peanut butter with a banana. I would eat ALLLOT of peanut butter. I'd have a a whole jar finished off within a week to a week in a half. My strength was going through the roof. My bench press was getting better and everything. It seemed like I gained more by eating peanut butter in a 3 weeks than I did with whey protein in 2 years. But then I started breaking out, reallllllly fuckkkkingggggg bad.
  2. i found this posted on a message board in a wrestling group on myspace. u gotta have a simple sense of humor to laugh at this.. most of its cuss words and ignorance and what not.. but the sad part about it is... is that most of the stuff this guy said is true... when i got done reading it my stomach was hurtin from laughing The presidential canidates this year are a joke. A pure fucking joke. Bush in office is a pecker head as it is. But its only gonna get worse though. We have nothing but
  3. Acne gives me the shits. I'm 22 and have been suffering with this garbage since I was 15. I've tried everything from accutane to benzamycin to whatever you could possibly think of. I've had all that garbage. In 2003, Accutane cleared up my back and shoulders, but really didn't do shit for my face. I'll just get right to the point.... since October 2005, I've been on a steady regimen of the face wash morning regimen (which is like 3, 4, 5... sometimes 7:00 for me... I'm always awake by th
  4. I try to bust my balls 6 days a week in bodybuilding to get desired results. I want to get mass.. lifting is only part of it.. the bigger part of it is eating. I got some dark red marks down by my mouth and chin that look like a fuckin disease.. (from the shit I been eating).. so as I struggle to put on mass and get size... heres some shit on the "I can not eat this shit or else I'll breakout so bad by my mouth" list... Peanut butter bananas oatmeal milk eggs whey protein mac and cheese(i hop
  5. Below is two pics. For the past friggin month I've been breaking out so bad down around my mouth. Just literally non freaking stop. The red marks dont even get a chance to heal. Yeah.. the yellow head/ lump or whatever you call it goes down.... but the red mark doesn't get a chance to heal because by the time one bump is gone there is a new bump forming in that exact place to fill in the red mark. Even if the rest of my face was crystal clear, (which it isnt) this would stil be enough to m
  6. I'm sorry... . I accidentally typed TwinLab whey protein in there. I'm not on that. I meant to say GNC. I'm taking the GNC stuff now. I wish I had the TwinLab.
  7. My body responds to shit the exact opposite way that it shouldnt. For example... this weekend I took a break from working out and eating healthy... I'd drink pepsi and eat raisnets and candy before passing out and watching a movie. Instead of the caffeine making me bounce off the walls... it made me more tired. That Vitamin water shit..... that is supposed to be good for you or what not. Every time I drink that cat piss water I break out bad. Meanwhile it seems like I get clear when I drin
  8. I was gonna go out... but I cant... one reason.. dont know of where to go. Second reason.. no one wants to do shit. Third... I look like shit.. and I'm hurtin like shit. Look at that fuckin mountain on my chin.. fuckin yellowheads on my lips and around them. Question: I been breaking out like hell down by my mouth and shit there for a while... not so much on my face... but just in that area... my mouth is hurting me so bad that I had a heckuva time eating a subway sandwich earlier. I can
  9. How did you miss her calls? Did you just not look at or hear your phone? Maybe she thought you were standing her up, and decided to do something else. Just calm down and I am sure there is an explaination. Maybe she got in a 53 car pile up and is dead, and couldnt call you back.... who knows? Just go to bed and call her in the morning.
  10. I been talking to this girl since like the beginning of January now. Maybe even since the end of December. I forget. She's 19. I'm 22. I met her on myspace. She seems like a real cool person. We been talking on the phone every day. We enjoy each others company on the phone.. and we're always laughing together and click together real well. My skin isn't great. I got a few red marks on my cheek.. but fuck that. I still decided to try and meet her in real life for the first time tonight
  11. LOL.. I'm not under estimating it at all. I just didnt feel good about me being skinny. Nothing to do with acne. Even if I was crystal clear... I was still pissed about being skinny. And was gonna do whatever it took to gain weight.... so far so good. Plus i heard that exercising alot and stuff is good for your skin
  12. Heres a way that I noticed my face started to get somewhat better. It's far, far , far from where I would like it.. but for the most part its tolerable most of the time. If your a female... I dont think this could help you. I mean.. if you want to, your more than likely to try this method.. but chances are you wont want to. For guys.... I've always been skinny... been told I was skinny, (6'0, 155) even been made fun of etc. I never been beat up or bullied though cause I just wouldnt go for