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  1. Does anyone have experience with Differin Cleanser? Is it just repackaged (and more expensive) Cetaphil as both are made by Galderma?
  2. I'm on GC Level 9 and it's working wonders for me. However, it is getting pricey at $50 a pop. Is there any cheaper alternative that works just as well or even better? Thanks!
  3. Yes, a pustule. Is a lancet the right tool to pop it to drain the pus?
  4. Yes, I know. I mean to pop those small ones that come to a head and are unsightly if you leave them alone.
  5. You'll see noticeable reduction in pain and swelling in 24-48 hours.
  6. I second the CeraVe pick. I use the cream. The lotion is too "light" for my dryness.
  7. How long will the decrease in oil production continue after I stopped Tane? I'm off Tane almost 1 week now and my face is still pretty much oil-free.
  8. Good luck taking on a big corporation like Roche. It has deep pockets and dedicated legal department just to handle these non-stop daily nonsense. The legal fee alone will bankrupt you unless you have a lot of money to burn.
  9. I have an interview coming up early next week but a few cysts on my chin still look pretty red even though I have them injected already. What works in reducing the redness fast? I'm using BHA and BP but they don't seem to make much difference to the redness.
  10. Does anyone use BHA before BP? Does the BHA make the BP more watery for you?