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  1. Reflections in NJ, Karolak in NJ, and Khrom in NY are names that are coming to mind. Results may vary per individual so it’s important to find a doctor that meets your needs and that makes you feel comfortable.
  2. I don’t know of her prices. But she’s definitely cheaper than Novick. Can’t speak for Green.
  3. Dr. khrom is a name I’ve been hearing. She claims she’s a specialist and her instagram page shows some of her work.
  4. My unprofessional opinion would be filler for the major depressions still left and then peels for texture. Like the other users said, your scars don’t look too bad though.
  5. Good point. But the document that OP linked said that swelling should subside a few days after treatment. I’d say that this info is accurate considering it came from the place performing it.
  6. squeezeMcQueen


    What professional work did you have done?
  7. I’m seeing some good points by both Amanda and her dissenters. Some doctors are crappy, and you won’t know the truth until you get the result. In the aftermath will you only see if a high price point is justified. But on the other side, TCA in high concentration has a lot of risk. Even if I study up on technique and watch videos, I don’t think I could trust myself. Plus, TCA you buy online is not meant for scars and most likely not of a high quality. I thought about getti
  8. I’m sorry, I don’t have that kind of info. I wish I did.
  9. I think whatever time is necessary to make you feel comfortable. If you feel you can evaluate the doctor moments before the procedure, then you can do that. Or if you want more time to think about the answers, then try to get a consultation separate from the procedure. Also, another option would be to ask the questions to the doctor over the phone. There would be no assessment of your scars, but it would give you the verbal information I think is valuable.
  10. I haven’t, but in my opinion, reviews and before/afters can only get you so far. You don’t know what’s actually true and what’s doctored. To me, a consultation will provide a lot more insight. Arm yourself with info that you find here and from other sources, and then ask a lot of questions. Like how often does this person perform the procedure? Why is this treatment better than another type? If they give convincing answers, you will have a better idea of the doctor’s skill. Also, the fa
  11. Hi guys, A few months ago, there was an e-book on this site that had a lot of useful information about acne scars. Unfortunately, the e-book has since been taken down, and it disappoints me that it won’t be available to newer users. Although I don’t have the entire book on hand, I thankfully saved some of the success stories that were listed in it, and I wanted to share them. These threads helped me a lot because they were real people with honest images and good advice. They give me hope wh
  12. Oh, I didn’t know that was how he did it. That’s so cruel. And Dan’s write up looks to have good information, although it is more optimistic than what BA normally preached. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.
  13. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite write down all the doctors he had in his ebook. I just kinda got what I needed and ran with it. But if you need some ideas of doctors in NJ, PA or NY, I could potentially help you out. I live around there. I know if you asked, BA would give you the full book. I never did because I thought it would stay up . But I’m thinking that someone on this site must have asked for and gotten it. If we could find someone, maybe they could give some of the info back.
  14. Yeah, I don’t like that either. It’s greedy and a dick move for sure, but I mean, he has gotten a lot of recommendations over the years from this site and infamously from Dr. Lim that to me, it just made sense. And yeah, I hate that he took down valuable information. I followed a few of the “successful story” threads from his ebook when it was still up, and I was thinking of making a post with links to them, for the newcomers. Those have a lot of good information and they have progre