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  1. Wow, it is so timely that I read your message today. I had an epiphany last night that was similar to yours. As for myself, I have suffered through an eating disorder in my teens. Now, I seem to become obsessed with my skin. Actually, I am afraid I may be developing another eating disorder again (this board has made me so worried about everything I put into my mouth). I have also developed a problem with insomnia over the last few months. How are these all tied together? You are right - it is
  2. I think this diet would work simply because you are reducing your caloric intake and lowering your fat intake, so this lowers excess horomone production. I know this, because when I was in highschool I had an eating disorder. I ate almost no fat and no filling carbohydrates. My acne miraculously went away. But, I also lost ALOT Of weight and stoped having my period.
  3. If you can't get ahold of any Chrystal Deodearant you can always try a simple alternate method. That would be 1) Buy some mineral rock salt (they should have this in the grocery store with the regular salt section). It is not in a block, but in small shards or finely ground up. 2) Boil some water 3) In a bowl mix a few tablespoons of salt with about a cup of water until the salt disolves 4) Place in a spray bottle 5) Have a bath or shower as usual. 6) Spray the mixture on your face and o
  4. Hi all, As of 2 weeks ago I decided to stop using BP topically (I had been using it for about 5 years). I have been seeing a lot of warnings about using BP (aka it can increase the risk of skin tumors, damage from the sun, causes changes in cellular DNA, overdries the skin etc etc). I wanted to switch to a more natural method of controlling Acne. So, I am now just washing with a mild soap, using deluted ACV as an astringent and dabbing my face with a rooibos teabag. However, I have noticed t
  5. I really believe sleep plays an important roll in healing acne. A few months ago I began suffering from insomnia (due to the end of a relationship and the stress involved with that). Some nights I wouldn't sleep at all and others I would be waking up at all hours of the night. As a result, my hormones have become more out of whack and the healing process that normally happens when you sleep hasn't been happening. I realized this has become a problem for me, so I had to think of a solution (w
  6. I have just started drastically changing my diet by lowering gi carbs, eliminating any processed foods, and taking out dairy....I have been making these changes gradually over the last few weeks...it seems like my weight is dropping (which is not good, because I'm already skinny). My skin still hasn't improved yet...may just take time. I bought some saw palmetto this morning and took it...now this evening I have a few new pimples...maybe its not to good for my skin...It must be the saw palmet
  7. Yes, is anyone taking Saw Palmetto or can describe their experience of taking it?
  8. Well, I got off Diane 35 4 months ago (after being on the birth control for 3 years). Now, my acne has flared up with a vengeance and I have noticed fine hairs growing on my face. I feel horrible. I am trying to eat more healthy and exercise. What other natural remedies are there for lowering androgen? please help me thank you gracie
  9. can you eat lentils (they are technically a seed and not a grain)? I made some delicious lentil/carrot soup yesterday that was really easy and didn't have an dairy or other grains in it. You could also add pumpkins to it (which I did and make it even more delicious) The Recipe 1/2 tbs oil 1 1/2 carrots sliced 1 onion chopped 1 clove of garlic 1/2 tsp of cumin salt & pepper to taste 3 cups of veg or chicken stock (just put bullion cubes in hot water) 1/2 cup red lentils
  10. I think it could happen. I was dating a guy and I had a yeast infection that would go away and then come back again and again. Soon we discovered that he was also itching, beneath his, erm, "foreskin"...it turns out he had the bacteria trapped there and was passing it back to me... so, I think yeast infections are pretty hearty and can be passed between people pretty easily.
  11. I've never seen ghee before in grocery stores. Where do you buy it? Or can you make it yourself from butter?
  12. I've been using Olive oil to cook for the last few months. But, now I have been looking into it and many seem to recommend not heating olive oil because it has a low smoke-point (the temperature at which it starts to smoke when heated and the nutritional value is depleted). People have been talking on this forum recently about Coconut oil. Is this a good alternative? I'd like to hear what you use for cooking. thanks
  13. Hi all, First, I should introduce myself - I'm Gracie. I got my first pimple at 10 years old and have been suffering with acne ever since. I have tried all the "standard" medical cures - antibiotics, accutane, diane 35, benzol peroxide, etc etc A few months ago I decided to go off Diane 35 after years of being on it, because of all the dangerous side effects I had been hearing about (blood clots, damage to the liver, depression etc). So, yes, my acne flaired up with a vengence. However, by th