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  1. Excess caffeine can definitely be bad for your skin!!! First and foremost, caffeine is a diuretic and pulls water out of your cells thus putting you into a perpetual state of dehydration. If your kidneys do not get the correct amount of water, they cannot break down toxins/hormones properly and as a last ditch effort, they will attempt to expell the waste thru the pores of our skin and walla, acne occurs. I used to drink 4,5,6 cups of tea or coffee per day. I used to get sick all the time an
  2. Hey Daz, My face started clearing fairly quickly once I started zapping. I'd say it took around 2 weeks before the acne started to completely heal. Yes, the red marks also healed. I'm convinced that once you get those nasty buggers out of the pores, your body's natural healing process takes over. I think a good trick is to hit the carrot juice hard. It really seems to give a turbo boost to heal your skin. Surprisingly, I have NOT had to do any additional zapping to keep my face clear. Ho
  3. Hello Clowngirl, I personally think that a cause of your acne might be Demodex mites. These parasites live on your face, in your hair follicles and deep inside the pores of your face. When you get exposure from the sun and/or any light treatments, I do think it does a good job of killing the parasites that live on your skin but they cannot reach the ones that are down inside of your pores. I'd recommend doing some research on buying a parasite zapper. They run anywhere from $50 to $200. Th
  4. Bravo! Yes the insomnia really sucks but that means it's working!!!! Get some sleep aid tea at the vitamin store. When you say it feels weird what do you mean? Are you getting any sensations in your body or does it just feel weird to be hooked up to wires Anyway I'm proud of you!!! Keep it up and definitely keep all of us updated with your results.
  5. I think a bit yes because it did release a lot of toxins. But I think if I were to do it all over again, I'd cleanse my liver and zap at the same time. Call me a mad scientist, but I'm convinced it's those dang mites that were giving me the acne. Again, those who are unsure about the zappers, do your own due dilligence and a good place to start is the zapper forum over at curezone.com. Hundreds of entries in the forum because it's the mecca for folks that are into holistic cures
  6. I posted over in the Adult Acne section but wanted to share it here in Nutrition & Holistic health section. I'm a 46 year old male that has been suffering my acne all of my life. I've tried pretty much every acne treatment under the sun aside from accutane and other anti-biotics. After reading several holistic health books I started assimilating my findings and I devised a 3-pronged experiment to cure my acne and I'm proud to say it has worked! Here is the nuts and bolts of my 3 headed
  7. I now eat whatever I want to....even chocolate! I'll be curious what your results will be using the zapper! Hope you keep us updated.
  8. My pleasure. Here is a good article on Demodex mites as they relate to acne. Demodex Mites P.S. I have never used the oinment that is sold on the above site. I wanted to use the zapper to get rid of a wider range of parasites in my body.
  9. It did! The zapper works on a very low frequency. It comes with a convertor that plugs into the wall. It will convert the 220 volt house voltage into equalivent of 9 volts (you know the little square batteries with the round receptor on top?) In fact many of the cheaper zappers just use the 9 volt batteries. This will produce a "square wave" that pass thru your body and kill the parasites. It's so low level that you will not have any internal organ damage. But I would use it in conjunctio
  10. Hello, Have you ever tried a liver cleanse? Try to get to the ROOT of your acne problem. If your liver is clogged, your kindneys have to step in for assistance. When your kidneys are working overtime excess hormones and toxins are not properly broken down and as a last resort, your body will try to eliminate them thru the pores in your skin. First thing I'd recommend is to go buy a sports bottle, fill it with GOOD water and make sure it becomes your best friend. Drink 3 or 4 bottles full p
  11. I'm sorry, I just did an edit of my original post. I used Milk Thistle and not Witch Hazel. Both Milk Thistle and Dandellion were in pill form purchased at a vitamin store. I didn't get the amazing results until I started to use the zapper! There are many manufacturers to choose from. Again, I encourage people to go the Curezone.com and do their own due diligence. But no need to spend $200 on a zapper if you get results from the liver cleanse!
  12. Hello everybody, It's my first time here. I'm a 46 year old male and I've suffered from adult acne for years. I tried all of the old standards such as Proactive, watching what I eat, etc. Just wanted to tell my story of how I got rid of my acne. A few months ago I started to read some very good homeopathic books and I really got me thinking about what was causing my acne. I decided to take some good advise and try some experiments. After reading these books, I came to the conclusion that