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  1. so is everyone as screwd as I am?
  2. To Diane users who have been on the pill for over four months. Has the pill helped with red marks. What I am asking is does the pill help them fade as well. I have very bad red marks on my back and I was wondering if in time like the recommened 6 months do they heal as well?
  3. I went to a derm today because I wanted the red marks on my back gone so I was thinking a chemical peel. When I got there they told me that they suggested laser treatment and to go on acutane. I have been on Diane 35 for three months now and I have been very happy with the results. Though, what has become of the acne is the red marks. So, leaving the appoitment I basically told to go on accutane and then after do laser treatment but still be on diane 35 the whole time. That leads me to this
  4. I have the same problem. I have had bacne ever since I was in my young teens. Recently, It has gotten worse. I have active acne but the majority is red marks. I am on antibiotics which has helped with the acne. But my back is covered in red marks. My plan is to go to the doctor this week and then to a derm and then after maybe a chemical peel or whatever the hell they recommend. Though I think Accutane is the best with body acne. Good luck and remember you're not alone.
  5. just a general question, how much does a chemical peel cost? I believe its expensive but do they vary in priceing?
  6. I used to have horrible acne on my back but for the last couple of years it settled down on its own, so it was just about a dozen spots at a time as opposed to so many I could count. I've now been taking dianette for two months and in the last week I have only had two on my back...so I would say it has helped. The acne on my chest has considerably improved too, gradually. Overall I think it has actually worked more for my body acne than for my face...but I'm starting to see improvements there to
  7. Hey, I've been on diane 35 for about three months and I must say it has helped out my face alot and I only break out here and there . Nothing like before so I am happy with that. Though, my back. Oh god my back. there isn't really acne there. Well, there is about four active ones but it is filled with red marks from old acne. I have no idea what to do. I'm planning on going to the doctor to see what they can do. I know there is chemical peels and I think I may just go for that. But it so
  8. I've broken out on my neck too .. odd. Though, does anyone know if Diane has helped body acne? I have acne on my back and so far diane 35 hasn't helped at bit .. it's still worst as ever!
  9. I've just replied to your PM. I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply. though, does anyone know if Diane has helped with body acne ..? so far it hasn't helped me
  10. I 'm thinking about getting the "grandpa's thylox acne soap" Though, does anyone know of a site that is Canadian friendly? some of the sites have the shipping listed as 20$! Can this product be found is stores ..like drug sotres? also , it helps with scars and red spots? Thanks
  11. Thank you for the reply. I am going to give it more time, I've been thinking that maybe I will wait just to see if there is a difference and then go see my derm. I really hope this pill works because I am running out of options and I sort of don't want to go on Accutane. I just want my acne problems to be over with! so we shall see. I've already got red spots and scarring which I am thankful my make up is covering up for now. Though, this is one of the main reason I want to go to see a derm
  12. can you get glycolic peels at drugstores or is it something that you have to buy online?
  13. Hey everybody, This is going to sound stupid but I have been on Diane 35 for maybe a week I haven't finished the first cycle but for the first 4 days the oil in my face decreased a lot which I am thankful for. Though, just entering my second weak I'm starting to notice that I am breaking out. like huge cysts. I would like to say they are slowly going away but I can't really tell at the moment. I'm wondering if others have experienced this with diane 35 .. getting more break outs? I just wasn