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  1. YES, I do! I´m in a really bad "wave" right now. Dry skin, exhausted, irritated and worst of all, I still get pimples. A wave can last for 2-5 days, and it´s often really tough. It can really wipe me out. Sometimes I would say I´m completely symptom free, but mostly some symptoms are present. I´m not even sure if my symptoms are caused by long-term damage from Accutane, but it feels like i have checked everything else from my list. This is a complete list of symptoms that´s making my li
  2. What is your avatar of?

  3. It´s called Bio-Acidophilus by BioCare.
  4. Did any of you experience die off effects when starting probiotics? I have been on them for 5 days now and I´m experiencing break outs, loose stomach, headaches etc.
  5. What do you guys think about rice on the anti candida-diet? I have been eating rice for a while now. Not as a base, but just so I will get enough food during the day. Some people say rice, especially brown rice, is ok, and some say it´s a no no.
  6. Congrats anonymou5! I´m really happy for you! This thread is truly inspiring since I´m on a candida diet myself. It´s really helping me to understand things I´m doing when reading your experiences, for example the die-off symptoms that come and go. One week I´m clear and feel awesome overall, the next week its back to hell. Fighting candida isn´t easy, but I really hope it´s worth it! Kudos to you and Brenton B for showing us the way! Happy new year!
  7. I´ve been on a anti-candida diet for a month and a half now. And I´m very confused For the first 14 days I only used coconut oil as a anti fungal treatment, beside the diet of course. And after two weeks I had a bad breakout and even some rashes in my face. I thought it might be die-off symptoms, so I backed off a bit with the coconut oil and used some Daktacort cream on the rashes. After this, took me maybe a week or so, I was clearer than I´ve been for ages! No new breakouts, and the red
  8. I'm not sure about supplements, but I am very curious about topical use and not "outgrowing" acne. I'm 22 and I have acne worse now that I ever had during puberty. I have done all the traditional methods short of accutane, and I am back on benzoyl peroxide. I'm worried that BP (which I used for about 4 years consistently) has depleted my face's natural defenses and equilibrium. Then again, I have no idea (nor will I ever) what my skin would be like now if I had done nothing. Psychologically, I w
  9. i think i can be alot of help to you :)



  10. And one more thing: I live in Norway, so I can´t find the Braggs Organic vinegar, but I got another organic one though. It´s clear and doesn't contain the "mother". Would just organic do?
  11. ACV doesn't seem to do so much with my bowel movements, maybe thats because when I have big breakouts I get depressed and I eat almost nothing. So there isn't too much to move . Ahh, I just hate initial breakouts. They scare the crap out of me, and its really hard to continue new things I´m trying. But I´m not allergic to apples, or they have not made me break out before, so I have a hard time imaging that ACV is bad for me. But the insecurity, awww...
  12. Hi, So I started to take Apple Cider Vinegar (internally), for 8 days ago. About 2-3 teaspoons in a bottle of water, every morning and evening. I have mild acne now, after finished accutane for a year ago. But after just 3-4 days on ACV I started breaking out very bad. Very similar to the initial breakout I had with accutane. My skin dries up, and it seems like the skin i purging the bad stuff. I´ve tried to search around for similar experiences, but it seems like people doing ACV disappears
  13. Ugh, I´m on day 7 I think. I dont know what to say yet. My skin looks red, dry and I get some small breakouts almost every day. Should I keep doing this? I feel so confused, everytime I´m visiting this board I find a new thing that may cause acne.
  14. Interesting! I´ve been on accutane, but I didnt clear 100%. Its been up and down for the last 6 months, and I have not figured out what caused the good times and the bad times. But this seems the way to go for me. The only problem seems to be shaving, so anyone have some experiences to share? Sorry about my bad english, I´m Norwegian